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8 Great Ways to Eat Organic On A Budget!



Whole Foods is more like Whole Pay Check! Here are some tips to buying organic without breaking your bank.

By Aliya Allen



Why is organic food so expensive?  Come to think of it, healthy food has always cost more than food that clogs your arteries, gives you high blood pressure and makes you obese.  When it comes to feeding a hungry family that extra $10 to $40 added to your grocery bill for eating healthy can really add up.
That’ s why it is so important to buy organic smart.  Take advantage of all that the organic market has to offer.  On average organic food products can cost about 10- 40% more than conventional items.  But that really depends on the season and type of item; some are in fact less when you know how to buy. 

Here are some great tips on how to integrate organic foods into your family diet.

  1. Think outside of the supermarket! Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture ) program, use a local co-opt or take trips to the farmers market near you.
  2. Buying local.  The reduction in transportation costs cuts down on the food costs.
  3. Buy in bulk. In most natural food stores they have a bulk section where you can stock up on tasty snacks, grains, beans, and fruit by the pound. (Some places will even give you a discount if you bring your own containers!)
  4. Buy organic SMART! Focus on the DIRTY DOZEN—the top 12 fruits and vegetables that will bring the most pesticides to your table.  These are the ones you should try to buy organic all the time.  Click here for DIRTY DOZEN DOWN LOW. Get a pesticide wash for the conventional items you buy. There’s also a “Clean 15” list of items it’s ok to buy conventionally.
  5. Eat seasonally.  Buying produce that is in season costs less and you won’t have to worry about it being shipped from across the ocean.
  6. Eat Less Meat.
  7. Buy more grains and legumes.  Heartier grains like bulgar wheat and barley or beans are good substitutions for meat.
  8. Forgo processed foods.  If you can make it at home it will be cheaper and healthier.

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