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HURRY!! Nominate A Teacher to Win $100 to OfficeMax Gift Card

Max Moms ButtonI have a lot of respect for teachers. Unfortunately, in a world where athletes and hip hop stars are paid handsomely, teachers don't receive anything near their true worth and value in terms of pay.

At although, even I, complain and joke about the 50-item long school supply lists of late, the truth is, teachers spend a lot of their own money in the classroom.



According to the National Education Association, teachers are spending about $1000 each year on supplies for their class, which is pretty astonishing. Can you imagine if your job asked you to bring your own tape, scissors, and paper for your desk? There would likely be an uprising, but somehow, teachers have silently picked up the tab…that is until now.


That’s why I’ve joined the Max Moms for teachers program to help create awareness and give back to teachers. The Max Moms are working in collaboration with the national “A Day Made Better” cause founded by OfficeMax and nonprofit Adopt-A-Classroom to help erase teacher-funded classrooms. Annually in October, they host a national event that recognizes and rewards over 1000 teachers with a total of $1 million in school supplies to help alleviate the financial burden and thank them for their hard work.


You too can join in this cause and give back to a deserving teacher by nominating your favorite teacher to receive a $100 gift card for school supplies donated by OfficeMax.


Entry Requirements

1) For a chance to enter and win, please post a comment below that describe why the teacher you’d like to nominate is 1) Passionate; 2) Dedicated and 3) Innovative.


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2 Responses to “HURRY!! Nominate A Teacher to Win $100 to OfficeMax Gift Card”
  1. LF says:

    16 years after having the opportunity to be a product of true passionate, dedicated and innovative teaching, I write this message with pure gratitude and thanks for the woman that helped me become the great woman and “mocha mama” I am today. As she drives to school each day, her license plate reflects what she is about to do within the four walls of her classroom at the Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall institution. Her plates read ” Teach On” and that she does. She teaches to change the lives of children that others often give up on and think are not worth the time. She dedicates her life to making sure that whether they come from a broken home or one with two parents, they are taught with the same love, respect and passion. She believes in children that often do not believe in themselves and does whatever it takes to help them succeed.
    She continues to reinvent herself as an educator with professional development classes and makes it a priority to be an innovative teacher. From history taboo, to the lyrics of Tupac Shakur and Gil Scott Heron as tools to teach capitalism, economics and the civil rights movement, she is creative and savvy in relating to our youth.
    Known to her students as “Ms A”, simply put , she is an A plus teacher, who exemplifies all of the qualities that we wish all our children had in an educator.

  2. MH says:

    Teachers can be very special people in the lives of children. Mrs. Pac exemplifies this in her second grade class where she has set high standards for her students. They know that when they enter her classroom they are expected to excel. She is dedicated, open to new ideas and responsive to parents. My grandnephew had her last year and knew that he was expected to do his best but he also enjoy learning. He was awarded with top grades. Now his brother is in her class and we see the same determination to follow his brother example.

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