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8 Great Ways to Eat Organic On A Budget!

  Whole Foods is more like Whole Pay Check! Here are some tips to buying organic without breaking your bank. By Aliya Allen

Married to the Military? 9 Ways to Make Deployment Easier for You & Your Family

Deployment is always hard on families, and especially children.  Here are some ways to include your children in the process and keep your house from being turned upside down. By Aliya Allen

Race is Key Factor in Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Black Women, Study Finds

After years of blaming lack of health insurance as the reason black women are diagnosed later and die more often from breast cancer, a new study of insured women points to the real culprit, race. Major SMH. Read my blog post at (click here) Babycenter on the sad and startling findings and check out my […]

When to Wean: Baby Knows Best

  Mrs. Tangela Walker-Craft – Owner/President Simply Necessary, Incorporated talks about extended breastfeeding, knowing when to wean your child.

In debt? 6 Ways to Trim the Fat from Your Budget

  As the financial crisis takes its toll. More and more Black families are feeling the financial squeez. A little over half of Black families have credit card debt that they don’t pay on time.  Time to reasses the finances to pull your family out of debt.

SMS. Leaving the suburbs to save myself

The suburbs are great for raising kids, especially if your family has two married adults and 2.5 kids. But after my divorce, I began to have this lingering feeling that the suburbs just weren't for me anymore. My married friends slowly drifted away. I was tired of being the fifth wheel anyway, and there was […]

Could Your Kid Be Harassed by Text? 6 Tips to Protect Your Child

 The average teen send over 60 text messages a day.  With the growing dangers associated with text messaging and cyber bulling, we have to teach our children how to protect themselves.

More Black Families are Homeschooling. Check out these 4 tips for successful homeschooling

More and more Black families are joining the ranks of homeschoolers to take control of their childrens education.

HURRY!! Nominate A Teacher to Win $100 to OfficeMax Gift Card

I have a lot of respect for teachers. Unfortunately, in a world where athletes and hip hop stars are paid handsomely, teachers don't receive anything near their true worth and value in terms of pay. At although, even I, complain and joke about the 50-item long school supply lists of late, the truth is, teachers […]