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4 Great Tips to use Homework Time effeciently


   As mothers we all share a mutual desire to see our children blossom into successful adults, and we know that a good education is so important to that success.  I think most of us parents still sit our children down and give them the good ol’ speech about “how far we have come… and how hard black people had to work to get what we have today.”  We move into neighborhoods just for the better school district.  Buy the latest education programs for our infants, and push our teens into honors classes, to summer school even if they get A’s and place them in every activity under the sun, all because we want them to excel.

   And yet our black children are still trailing behind their white peers.  Education has come a very long way since the late 1970’s when the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) first started compiling data on educational progress. 

·The achievement gap between black and white students has been consistently closing between 2005- 2007.
·However, it has only closed by 5 points since 1978.
·On average the achievement gap is shrinking between black and white females while it has stayed the same between black and white boys.

   This gap follows our children right into their collegiate careers and even further into life, making them one step behind.  A study at Duke University’s Sociology department shows that the gap is more pronounced for black students who score higher on their SAT’s and gain entrance into highly selective schools.

   So what can we do as mothers to ensure that our children don’t fall into this statistic?

Ann K. Dolin, M. Ed. explains in her article Homework Habits: Crushing the “Rushing” Through Homework that we should structure our children’s time:

·Set up DHT (Designated Homework Time). 
·Should be 10 minutes per grade level: 4th grade 40 min 6th grade 60 min ect.

   DHT helps our kids stay focused and structured, making sure that they don’t rush through their homework.  Parents it is your main goal that they stick to this time block, which should take into consideration their grade level and capabilities.  Help your child set goals and see to it that if immediate assignments are completed that they use the DHT time to work on long term goals.  When immediate assignments are completed…

   For Younger Children:
1. Work on upcoming larger projects that may take more time.
2. Work on penmanship or typing skills.
3. Practice online math drill assignments check out:
www.funbrain.com and www.multiplication.com
4. Or read a school book or a book of choice.

   For Older Kids:
1. Keep them ahead of the curve!
2. Break up long term projects into their smaller tasks
3. Set up incremental due dates for these tasks.
4. Study for up coming exams and review old exams.

   The rigors of school is only increasing and as one great professor from the eclectic film "Higher Learning” stated, “If someone is bigger, and stronger than you are… runs faster and harder, What do you do?” and the proper response is run harder… run faster.  Getting our children to practice good work habits early will ensure that when they get into the school of their dreams, they will work harder and efficiently.  They may pout and cop an attitude, but then you just kiss them on the head and say you will thank me later with a huge smile.

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