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A Healthy Baby Begins With Two!: National Infant Mortality Awareness Month

infantmortalitymonthrdy.jpg  This year,National Infant Mortality Awareness Month focuses on the role of the fathers in making and keeping a healthy baby. Gotta love it! Let’s remember our fathers play an important role during pregnancy and in a child’s life.

The Role of Fathers in Pregnancy and Parenting 


Noted sociologist, Dr. David Popenoe,
stated when discussing the role of
fathers, “Fathers are farmore than just
‘second adults’ in the home. Involved
fathers bring positive benefits to their
children that no other person is as
likely to bring1.”

The direct impact on
child well-being and the benefits of
having a father present have been
linked not only to improved pregnancy
outcomes but also enhanced child


A father’s involvement
has shown to have a positive impact on
a child’s emotional and psychological
state2,3, educational development, and
school readiness4, as well as increased
ability to socialize and build good
relationships. In contrast, research
has shown that the lack of fatherhood
involvement can have long-term
negative effects on children. They are
more likely to be poor6, have a greater
risk of being involved in dangerous or
unhealthy behaviors influenced by
peers7, and have an increased risk of
developmental delays.


The presence of
males and fathers in the lives of
children is essential to their emotional,
social, educational, and physical

Read more on new perspectives on paternal involvement in pregnancy and beyond. 

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