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4 Great Tips to use Homework Time effeciently

What amazes you about babies? FREE! Babies DVD Giveaway!

September is Infant Mortality Awareness Month, and while we contemplate how more babies can make it to their first birthday, I am celebrating all those that do. That's why I love Universal's new documentary Babies. It follows four babies from different parts of the world from first breath to first steps. It is available exclusively […]

Empire State of Mom: Discovery Times Square Expo and Freckleface Strawberry The Musical

My son is just insisting that I call him King Tut, since he learned about the Boy King wonder last weekend and I have New York City to blame.  More specifically, the amazing King Tut exhibit at the Times Square Discovery Exposition Center.   I live in one of the greatest cities in the world–well, about […]

A Healthy Baby Begins With Two!: National Infant Mortality Awareness Month

  This year,National Infant Mortality Awareness Month focuses on the role of the fathers in making and keeping a healthy baby. Gotta love it! Let’s remember our fathers play an important role during pregnancy and in a child’s life.

Black Children and Asthma: 10 Home Care Tips to Reduce Asthma Attacks

African American children with asthma have a death rate 7 times that of non-Hispanic White children, according to recent stats. Learn what you can do in your home to limit asthma attacks and hospitalizations. Let’s keep our kids healthy! 

Why I Hate Back to School aka Please Do Not Call Me About 10¢ Glue Sticks!

As much as nothing will bring me more joy than putting my two “little people” back on the school bus tomorrow, what it takes to get there is, quite frankly, a real pain in the butt.   From the time August rolls in, the TV is full of cheery kids in bright plaid outfits and […]

Me, an Oscar, Gov. Mike Huckabee & Breastfeeding. Go figure!

Last week, I had the pleasure of appearing on The Huckabee Show to discuss breastfeeding, more specifically, the recent brouhaha over Gisele Bundchen's comments that breastfeeding should be a "law." Anywho, it was an interesting segment. Check out the pics below (including my shot with an Oscar–it was heavy!!) and  video clips on Mocha Manual's […]

The Beauty of “Camp Grandma.” My Summer Memories. New Traditions for My Kids

Growing up black in America, at least the northeast part of it, usually meant that during the summer you would venture “down south” to visit grandma, aunties, uncles and other family members.  And my life was no different. Every summer, shortly after school let out, we’d pack in the car and pull out around midnight […]

The Black Mom Imperative: Build a Strong Reader; 7 Tips to Boost Your Child’s Reading Skills

Having a child who is a strong reader is the black mom’s imperative. We know how important good reading skills are to any child’s development and future growth. Don’t let your kid fall behind. Boost your child’s reading skills with these 7 tips.

Orgasmic Childbirth? You Betcha! And Other Alternative Pregnancy Books You Just Gotta Read!

Can childbirth be orgasmic? I’m not sure, but a new book sure made me want to find out. Well, not me personally (I’m done!). But check out this interesting read and my other picks for alternative thoughts on pregnancy and childbirth.