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The Louisiana Drownings & Closing the Water Gap for Black Kids.

blackgirlsmakeasplash.jpg As a pool owner, water safety is a BIG deal for me (that’s  two of Kayla’s friends in our pool recently!). If the tragic drowning of 6 teenagers in Louisiana taught us anything, it’s that swimming is a necessary life skill, not a luxury item for all Black kids.

 I wrote this blog for Momlogic, literally days before 6 black teenagers tragically drowned in a Lousiana river while their parents, also unable to swim, couldn’t save them. 

More Black Kids Drown. Are Parents At Fault?


I have a swimming pool at my house. A big ole 18 x 38
inground pool, that’s 8 ft deep on the far end and a diving board to boot,
swimming pool. And I don’t know how to swim. Well, I won’t drown, (though I’ve
never tested that theory) but I’m certainly no Olympic hopeful.


The pool was my ex-husband’s domain. He is a fish. I’m a
black woman with hair issues. And now that he’s gone, I’m here alone with the
big pool and his fish-like progeny. That means every summer brings on the
anxiety of supervising my kids in the pool. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken
every swim safety course I can find and keep all sorts of rescue tools nearby.
But most importantly, when spring hits I put both of my children in swim
lessons long before swimming season starts just to refresh their skills. When
my budget allows, I’ve also had a certified swim instructor come to the house.  


Still, I’m haunted by the statistics.


Black children are 3 times more likely to drown. And 70% of African American Children and 58% of
Hispanic Children have low or no swimming ability, compared to 40% of Caucasian
children, putting them at a greater risk of drowning,
according to a new
report by USA Swimming which works to lower minority drowning rates and draw
more blacks into the sport…..


Read more at   www.mochamanual.com/blog  


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