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“Priorities” Essay in Souls of My Young Sisters Has Me Thinking…

  When she called and told me the title of her essay, I was immediately intrigued. "Priorities," she said.  That's something that I have struggled with for years. Not the big ones, like family and faith. Ok, maybe sometimes faith. But stuff like my health, taking time for myself and juggling my many business related […]

Hot and Fresh Summer Reading Special: Souls of My Young Sisters Book Excerpt

New! From the best-selling Souls of My Sisters series, a new book for young women featuring a dynamic new group of young sisters with hopes and dreams, fears and struggles, telling their stories of triumph over adversity for the generation coming up now. Check out an excerpt from the essay, PRIORITIES by Lashieka Purvis Hunter. 

The Problem With Alicia Keys: You’re Pregnant. I Love You. But Please Sit Down!

Was I the only one holding my breath as I watched Alicia Keys climb her pregnant self all up and over that piano during the BET Awards? I mean, she was trying to revitalize a weak Prince tribute, but come on'. And then last weekend while performing at the Essence Music Festival, she fell off […]

Scrambled Eggs – Fertility After 40 On The Rise

Scrambled Eggs – Fertile After 40? You Bet!  I was feeling some kind of way when a scientific study said no over 35 year old eggs need apply, but a recent CDC study shows births after age 40 are on the rise. 

Mommy Wars: Birth With Drugs or No Drugs? Why the Competition?

Mommy Wars: Birth With Drugs or No Drugs. Why the Competition? There’s a never ending battle brewing between women who delivered a baby with and without drg medication. Some of those in the "natural" camp act as if you cheated childbirth by taking a little nip from the epidural tap. Here’s my rule: If a […]