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Win a $50 Target Gift Card!! Share Your “Embarrassing Mom” Story. Just When I Thought I Was A Cool Mom, My 10-Year Says Not So Much!!

First of all, I am a very cool mom.

And as a woman, I still like to rock a little style. I'm still a shoe gal who loves her designer handbags and is rarely seen without some serious heels. It's just how I roll.

So you can imagine my surprise when Kayla recently tried to school me.

I was about to attend another one of her school trips. As a class mom, I've been to plenty. But this time, Kayla comes into my bedroom plants herself on my bed and asks me, to please wear "normal clothes" and "no heels." 

Excuse me, have we met???

"So what are normal clothes?" I asked.

"You know sweat pants or jeans with sneakers. Not jeans with high heel shoes," she said.

"Oh baby girl. Mommy doesn't do that kind of normal."

"Mom, this EMBARRASSING!!" she said as she walked out.

How could I be embarrassing??

I love my mother. Lord knows I do. But when she showed up on my school trips with a perfectly sponge-roller set pageboy, a red blazer, slacks and mid-stacked pumps looking like she was ready for the law office and not the aquarium…that was embarrassing!!

Then it dawned on me, that these kids growing up with young (in mind, at least) fabulous moms, don't have any clue about what an embarrassing mom looks like or acts like. I'm not talking about inappropriately dressed with tight shirts with the twins hanging out or other Mom No-No's, I'm talking about rocking your mommy style till the wheels fall off. 

My daughter has no clue about real embarrassment. 

So I'm collecting stories so she will understand. Please share yours, so we show these youngins how Moms used to roll. 

I'm giving away a $50 Target gift card to the person with the best, "My Mom Embarrassed Me When…." story.  

Whatcha got??

5 Responses to “Win a $50 Target Gift Card!! Share Your “Embarrassing Mom” Story. Just When I Thought I Was A Cool Mom, My 10-Year Says Not So Much!!”
  1. carmen says:

    I love my mom dearly but there were definitely times growing up when she did things that were absolutely mortifying! Now that I’m older, I have better perspective on why she did what she did, and all that. But I still remember some of those moments quite vividly. One particular moment was in elementary school, I was waiting in line in the classroom. I felt something funny in the sleeve of my sweater and put my hand inside only to discover it was one of my mom’s nursing pads! My younger sister had recently been born, and this was proof. I was wearing leggings, rather than pants with ever-so-practical pockets, so I panicked to figure out what to do with the pad. I decided to just shove it back up my sleeve and be SUPER careful the rest of the day lest it slip out and then I’d have to explain to the whole classroom!

  2. My kids never told me about embarrassing them, but I’m sure I do based on their reaction whenever I;

    a) use one of their phrases b)dance c)sing or rap an old school song. So basically if I move or open my mouth they cringe, and say things like “no you didn’t”.

    I can’t speak for them but my mom had a few “moments”of her own.

    I don’t know if it is because she is “vertically challenged” aka short, but my mom had some ah balancing issues.

    I remember one incident in particular. Here’s my story. We grew up in the South Bronx, sometimes my mother would take us out to the beach or on a picnic using public transportation and carrying everything food, blankets, plates, cups and utensils in a shopping cart. Although that may be embarrassing enough, that isn’t the story.
    Once we were running onto the train when my mother, ever the fashionista , caught her heel on the door of the train and proceeded to fall into the train spilling the contents of our cart. There was potato salad all over, sodas rolled under seats, sandwiches stuck to the floor. We tried to pick up everything – including our dignity as best we could. Needless to say the moment was embarrassing, but memorable. We still tease her about that today. There was another moment when she ended up with an egg size knot on her head and although it was a minor injury (I’ll spare you the details) my sister told her she “looked like she had a lot on her mind.” Gotta love family.

  3. So, I was a teenager and my mom was cool, too cool. I was the popular kid in high school because not only was I the drum major, a big deal on Florida, but I was the one who had all the house parties. I am talking bashments until like 3am. I am talking chicken bones in my carpet the next day. One night my boyfriend was visiting from out of town, he actually got to stay at my house in the guest room. Um, my husband would let this happy not over his living or dead body. My mom was cool though and she rightfully trusted me, I was an all A student, (clears throat). This particular Friday night we were watching movies downstairs in the den, my mother, a CLEAN-A-HOLIC was getting busy in the bathroom. I am talking bleach, Soaftscrub, Ajax all at the same time. Did I mention she was cleaning naked, not even a panty on, just a scarf on her head. Next thing I know in the Middle of watching “Def Comedy Jam” I hear glass breaking, the entire shower door came crashing down. She had scrubbed it too hard. We all came running upstairs and my nake mother was shaking like a leaf and laughing that she had scrubbed it too much. Ya think??? So my boyfriend, and my other two friends all saw my mom naked that night. Hmmm, that was strange seeming how my boyfriend had not even seen me naked and was still beggin for a french kiss. LOL. Those were the days, life was simple then.

  4. Carlene Murdock says:

    I would have to say that the story that is most embarrassing to me involved my son. He was around 5yrs. old at the time and we had gone to the grocery store. When we had gotten to the checkout counter, he was of course checking out all of the candy. After about the 10th time of asking me if could have something he decided to give up and walk over to see what I was doing. He looked over my left side and proceeded to walk behind me and ask me what I was doing. I answered with,”writing a check honey”. He then came around to my right side and began to answer me with, “you know what happens when you do that Mommy” and with his little hand making motions on top of the counter replied; “bounce,bounce,bounce”. Needless to say, I did not want to even look up, but I had to so that I could hand her my check. So I looked up and just smiled at her and prayed to God that as she ran my check through that nothing went wrong. Luckily I made it out of there, and I on the ride home tried to explain to my son that things like that are private, but he was not listening and only wanted to know why he did not get anything. That’s when I let him know that never again would he being going to the store with Mommy!
    That little boy is now 21 and and makes me very proud to be his MOMMY!

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