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The Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Homesickness

 From summer camp to "Camp Grandma’s House" to going "down south", the kids can get homesick while you’re enjoying the break! Follow these tips to help keep homesickness to a minimum. I mean, if they didn’t get homesick at all, you’d be a little worried, right???














Now that summer has arrived, millions of families are planning to say farewell to their children for the summer months—it’s camp season. Camp is a place where kids can go and enjoy the summer and being a kid. Camp is also a place where kids are able to be free from parents and learn how to make friends and explore their interests. Many kids discover their favorite sports and hobbies at summer camp. Kids, and parents alike, are often worried about homesickness—for both themselves, and their happy camper.
It is normal to be homesick and it’s a common feeling experienced by campers and parents every summer. If you’re sending your kid(s) to camp this summer, you may be wondering how you can help comfort and alleviate the symptoms of homesickness.

The American Camp Association® recommends the following do’s and don’ts to help families calm the nerves from homesickness:
1.    DO pack a personal item from home, such as a stuffed animal or your child’s favorite blanket.
2.    DO involve your child in the process of choosing a camp. You’ll want your child to feel comfortable and excited with the camp that they will go to.
3.    DO send a note or care package ahead of time to arrive the first day of camp. Don’t forget to say in a positive way that you’ll miss your child while he or she is away at camp.
4.    DON’T try to bribe your child with material objects to get them to stay at camp. The real reward should be their new found independence.
5.    DON’T blow up on your child if their camp stay is cut short. Just be positive and don’t forget to mention you’ll try camp again next year!

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