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LifetimeMoms Retreat in Palm Beach; 3 Days, 15 Women, OMG!

You gotta admit!

If you put together 15 women who've mostly never met in person before and put them together to work, plan and play for three days straight, even at the most beautiful, The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, you don't know what you will get!! Those Lifetime folks are risk-takers!! But they did it. They brought all of us Lifetimemoms.com channel leaders together. And it was wonderful!

First of all, I must say that I am honored to be included among this fabulous group of women. Not only are they dynamic writers but these ladies are serious businesswomen–they know how to work their websites, they know SEO, they know social media marketing, and they know brand building. I learned a lot!! And I think the Lifetime execs were impressed by how much we all knew about the business side of our websites. 

And I made a new friend I hope to feature on MochaManual in the next few weeks, Angela Burgin Logan of http://www.ladiesliveandlearn.com/  who has a phenomenal, life-changing story that I can't wait to share.

In between our working sessions, we sampled the best of The Breakers, hitting the spa ( I had the 50 min massage. Heaven!!), and the hair and makeup salons just before our exciting photo shoot (see the pics below), we enjoyed a private bungalow on the beach one afternoon and had a lovely dinner at the steakhouse.  I'm telling you, Lifetime knows how to put together a retreat for busy moms! 

Some of the LifetimeMoms strike a pose outside The Breakers


I was happy to have a bed to myself and to take a shower without anyone knocking at the door, so everything else (including the very luxurious surroundings and the limo ride to and from the airport) was just gravy!

the crew


Behind the scenes at our photo shoot

My favorite corridor at The Breakers. The architecture is sick!!


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  1. Wow! Absolutely wonderful. To be in on all the blog business stuff I know was awesome.

    And you look so radiant!

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