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Black Father’s Week















It’s Black Father’s Week in NYC. It’s time to celebrate those fathers who are holding it down and taking care of their responsibilities. We like to celebrate black fathers every week at Mochamanual.com, but check out these events: Real Dads Network is hosting a night of fun, networking and rejuvenation on Friday, June 11, 2010, 7PM at Harlem Lanes. Come out and bowl or to meet other Real Dads and celebrate black fathers.

So this week, I ask all moms, especially single mothers to think about their children.
Recognize the importance of our black men in our children’s lives. Not
everyone has a perfect dad. This is the reality of the world. But do
something, even if it’s small, this week to support and encourage the
presence of your child’s father in your little one’s life — despite his
shortcomings. When it comes to raising strong, confident black
children and revitalizing our communities — we need our men.

Don’t forget to show your father, or any other positive black male role models in your life or the lives of your children, love and appreciation throughout this week and on Father’s Day. Check out our new Black Father Tees and check back next week for our list of great Father’s Day gifts for black fathers!


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