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Out and About: Checkin’ Out Atari’s New Sandlot Sluggers Video Game

I’m not really a video game person. I like my kids out of the house and on their bikes, in the museum, in the swimming pool or otherwise actively engaged. I also like them reading lots and lots of books, which doesn’t leave anytime for twitching their thumbs on a small handheld device.

But I have to admit, I like systems like Wii that focus on active games.  Last year, after Michael read a record 15 books, we got a Wii. But only Wii Sports. If you need to sit down to play the video game, it won’t be in our house.

That’s why I had such a good time recently at the NYC launch event for Atari’s new Sandlot Slugger’s baseball game,  the latest in the Backyard Sports series, which was also released on DS and X-Box.

Of course when I heard Atari, I had flashbacks to my old system with one black joystick and one orange button. Remember that?? My have times changed! I also secretly hoped the Atari folks would have had a Ms. Pac Man set up in the back just for the parents.

But Kayla and Michael had enough fun for all of us. Michael is a master at figuring things out very quickly and he was in true form once again. He loved the options of this game versus the baseball on the Wii, because Sandlot Sluggers lets you choose your  lot, your team, has a bunch of diverse players and teaches sportsmanship.

And in a shocking feature, the words “ get exercise”, “play outside” and “be a good sport” actually flash on the screen during load times. All in all, my kids loved the game.

And the event, (shout out to my friend, Beth Feldman at Beyond PR) with the hot dog stand, Cracker Jack, and baseball-themed- everything got me good and ready for summertime fun.  

Play ball!

Atari's New Video Game Delivers!

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