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Enough With The Drunken White Mom Thing!! I’m Fed Up With the Double Standards

This one has REALLY been bothering me for some time. And I was so upset, I decided to give my put-on-blast commentary to Momlogic.com (you know how that audience tears into me) where I am currently having my black behind handed to me. But I just needed to say it and I wanted to say […]

LAST CHANCE!!! FREE PC Pandora Monitoring Software Offer ENDS TONIGHT!!

                            FREE STUFF! Internet safety is a big issue, espcially in the summertime when kids have more free time on their hands. PC Pandora, a computer-monitoring software, is giving away their signture monitoring software for FREE until midnight tonight!! Get the details […]

Win a $50 Target Gift Card!! Share Your “Embarrassing Mom” Story. Just When I Thought I Was A Cool Mom, My 10-Year Says Not So Much!!

First of all, I am a very cool mom. And as a woman, I still like to rock a little style. I'm still a shoe gal who loves her designer handbags and is rarely seen without some serious heels. It's just how I roll. So you can imagine my surprise when Kayla recently tried to […]

Kimberly Talks Mommyhood, Black Men & Life After Divorce With Army Wives Star, Wendy Davis

Kimberly Talks Mommyhood, Black Men and Life After Divorce With Army Wives Star, Wendy Davis. Yeah, we went there!

Study Finds Parental Fear Puts Black Kids at Risk for Drowning

Don’t let fear keep your child from learning water safety. Black kids are at a greater risk of drowning, a study finds.

From Single Mom to REALLY Single Mom…the Wasband Goes AWOL

Just when I was getting the hang of my post-divorce, single-mom life with some ease and swerve, the "wasband" throws me a major curveball. "I'm moving back to London," he said one Friday night on the phone, all nonchalant like he was going to Cosco. (I don't know how to write that screeching sound of […]

5 Ways for Single Moms To Save Money

  It’s not easy being a single mom. You need support, resources and money-saving tips to keep your family going strong. Check out these 5 tips for single moms to save money. 

Ode to My Father: James Seals

  I'm a daddy's girl. Through and through. My father has always been my biggest cheerleader and my biggest fan. He has always believed in me, even at times when I didn't believe in myself.  He continues to support my dreams, invest in my future and let me know when my head is not on […]

The Top 5 Health Threats for Black Men and How to Avoid Them

The Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Homesickness

 From summer camp to "Camp Grandma’s House" to going "down south", the kids can get homesick while you’re enjoying the break! Follow these tips to help keep homesickness to a minimum. I mean, if they didn’t get homesick at all, you’d be a little worried, right???