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Kids With Allergies? Try These Cleaning Tips for Allergy Season

spring-cleaningrdy.jpg Do Your Kids Have Allergies?  Try these cleaning tips for allergy season to minimize your child’s symptoms. 

It’s allergy season and if you or your child suffers this time of year, there’s much you can do in the home to keep those pesky symptoms to a minimum.


To be
on the safe side, start using environmentally safe products, like
Green Works. Green Works household cleaning
are all natural and they are made of plant-based biodegradable
to help you clean without the harsh chemical fumes and residue. The
most important thing to combat while you’re cleaning your home is

Your browser may not support display of this image.Dust more. During allergy season you
dust more than you normally would during the other seasons. You should
wear a face mask to protect yourself from the dust triggering your
Use a microfiber cleaning cloth that absorbs and picks up dust and other
allergens, instead of just moving them around.

Dust high to low. Another way to make sure
you’re not just moving dust around from surface is to clean rooms
from up high to down low—this ensures that dust does not float from
room to room.

Change your vacuum filter. Another way to prevent dust
from getting the best of you this season is to get a new vacuum filter.
ARM & HAMMER vacuum bags and filters keep 99% of
small dust particles, pollen and other allergy-triggering particles
from reentering the air. You should vacuum at least once a week during
allergy season—no skipping. Even though it will seem like you’ve
become a lean, mean cleaning machine on the home front, your body and
the baby will thank you.

Avoid triggers. Stay away from whatever allergens trigger your immune system to
react in a negative way. You’ll want to get real close to your doctor
this time of year in order to weigh the benefits and potential cons
of different allergy medications. If you prep your home, one thing’s
for certain, you’ll more than likely find sanity and peace in at least
one place during this spring and summer.

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