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“I Declare I Am A Girl” Event Gives Me Goose Bumps; Check out Pics & Videos

"I am a girl who declares that is a honest and caring person. I also am a child of god." "I am a girl who will stand up for what i believe in." "I am brave and strong with sisterhood by my side." "Still i rise, still i fly, I see my haters tell them […]

Kids With Allergies? Try These Cleaning Tips for Allergy Season

Do Your Kids Have Allergies?  Try these cleaning tips for allergy season to minimize your child’s symptoms. 

Yes, Black Mothers Are Dying!! Enough Scaremongering. Can We Please Focus On New Solutions?

  Lately, I've been extremely frustrated by all the news reporting about maternal mortality and black women. Yes, it is a terribly frightening and frighteningly embarrassing issue. Women are dying during childbirth for preventable reasons, and African American women at even more shocking rates and something must be done.   Like now. A recent study […]

Malik Yoba Headlines NYC Event on Love, Marriage & Everything InBetween

New T-Shirts for Black Moms! Black Moms Rock Tee

We’ve got three new tees for Black moms that really rock! Our exclusive Black Moms Rock the House!, Black Moms Rule the World!, and Black Mom Swagger in Full Effect! say Black moms are holding it down and rocking the world like never before. Celebrate Black moms this Mother’s Day with one of our hot […]

NYC Girl Power Night: Beverly Bond, Black Girls Rock! Founder & A Special Screening

On April 22nd, after "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," join us for a special evening celebrating girlhood as MochaManual.com hosts a special screening of "A Period Piece" a short film by CineMomma Pictures, followed by celeb DJ and Black Girls Rock! founder,   Beverly Bond   leading a lively discussion to empower our girls. […]

My 5-Year Old Black Daughter As A Confederate? Forget Gov. McDonnell. What Was Her School Thinking.

The governor of Virginia recently decided it was a good idea to issue a proclamation marking April as Confederate History Month. What was he thinking?  That decision has turned into a hornet’s nest of CNN proportions and he was forced to feign contriteness and re-issue his statement.  You expect that kind of stupidity in politics. […]

What’s in a Name? Keeping the Last One for My Daughter

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my name. Am I going to change it back to Seals? When will I drop the Allers?    No time soon, is the short answer.   But the long answer, has nothing to do with my books or my branding, but started nearly 10 years ago, […]

Dear Michelle Obama: Big Food Makers Don’t Give A Fructose About Our Kids

  I love Michelle Obama. Lord knows I do. Her strength, professionalism, sass and savvy are enviable.  And as a mom, I can only applaud her efforts to reduce the embarrassingly high obesity rates in this country.  Last month she spoke at the Grocery Manufacturers Association meeting and asked big food companies like General Mills, […]

Spring Cleaning? Pregnant? 5 Tips to Keep It Safe

If you’re ready to get your spring cleaning on but are pregnant, make sure you read these five tips to make sure you are keeping yourself and your baby safe. Of course, it’s always better to hand it off to the hubby, but if you must do it yourself, then you must read this!