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New Film Celebrates Black Marriage. Check Out “You Saved Me”

  Celebrate black love and marriage and buy "You Saved Me," the follow-up release to the hit documentary "Happily Ever After–A Positive View of Black Marriage,"  from the founders of Blackandmarriedwithkids.com. Get yours now!  

Is It Just Me? What Is Up With Winnie Mandela?

Is it just me? But, what is up with Winnie Mandela? For the life of me, I can’t really pinpoint exactly why we as African-American women never seemed to have fully embraced Winnie Mandela as the “Mother of South Africa”  and by extension, our mother. We typically love to get behind the black women behind […]

Stuff I Love: Fairweather Faces Make-Up Brushes w/ Mocha Manual Discount!!

People always ask me to write more about the stuff I love and things I use. But I've always seen myself as an "issues" kind of girl. But then I said, hey, it's 2010 and I'm breaking out of all my boxes! So here goes: But I need to start with a confession: I am […]

Baby On The Way? Don’t Break the Bank. 4 Tips to Spending Wisely for Baby

  Friday Finance: Baby On The Way? Lots of Stuff to Buy? Don’t let your new arrival break the bank. Here are four great tips to shopping and spending wisely.

Oh.No.She.Didn’t!! Expert Advice for Black Moms on Talking to our Daughters

My daughter is wonderful. But the closer she gets to her upcoming 10th birthday, the more I’ve been noticing a little bit of attitude slipping out of her mouth every now and then. In fact, there have been a few “Oh know you didn’t” moments when I had to catch myself from losing it.  I […]

Text4Baby: New FREE Service Sends Pregnancy & New Mom Messages to Your Mobile Phone

  Hey moms-to-be and new moms! Check out this new, FREE service that sends helpful text messages just for your pregnancy or new mommy stage directly to your cell phone. Almost all cell phone carriers are partners so there are no charges to receive your texts. Get more information here

My Top 13 Moments in Black Mom History

Recently, I was inspired to create a list.  A list of powerful and moving moments, defining moments, times at which we all moved forward together. Moments that define, inspire and connect all of us as black mothers. Or maybe we just shared a laugh. Either way, please add to the list, and let's keep the great moments […]

Your Infant and the ER: What Every Mom Needs to Know

Not all emergency rooms are properly prepared to deal with infant emergencies. Too many mothers have learned this the hard way. Get the facts and learn what you can do to support a worthy cause to improve pediatric emergency care in hospitals.