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Simmering Saturdays: Your Journey Back to the Hot Mama Simmering Underneath the Nurturing Mother




There’s a fiery vixen simmering underneath every doting mom, but sometimes she gets smothered by the mother we’ve become. Join me, on a journey to reclaim our inner mamas, our fiery spirits, our sexy vibes, our swagga and everything else in between. To begin, all you have to do is Stop, Start, Continue. Here’s how

Looking for the vixen underneath the doting mother? Every mom needs to simply, Stop. Start. Continue. Here’s How:

By Wendy Petties, Certified Sex Educator

  This is the year that I am going to_________? Fill in the blank – lose weight, spend more time with my family, save more money?  This year, though, instead of making your usual resolution, how about making a different type of resolution?

Make this your Year of Pleasure! How would that feel?

What would your year look like if there was more pleasure involved for you?  As busy moms you put everyone else before you: You are a mom first, a wife/life partner second, a daughter and/or sister third, squeeze in entrepreneur or employee somewhere and, often, being a woman comes in a distant last.

I am proposing that you put Woman first.  Remember that bad, sexy chick that was flirty and fun, who loved to touch and be touched, always had a little heat simmering just beneath the surface? Yes, that was you! 

Before babies, toddlers, adolescents, tweens and teens (even those a little older who are still not completely independent) YOU were one hot mama (pardon the pun), or at least you tried to be.  Take a year long journey with me to go from being Mommy back to Hot Mama.  Each month we will focus on a different topic or idea. I will be here to encourage you with tips, answer your questions and invite you to share your answers as well as your progress with your fellow pleasure seekers on this journey. 

 To keep things manageable we are only going to concentrate on three things right now.  Stop, Start, and Continue.  Stop:What is one thing that you can stop doing that is interfering with your pleasure?  What is blocking your heat?  Is there something you do that you do not really like but because you have been doing it for so long you feel stuck? Start:What is one thing you need to start doing to get more pleasure back in your life?  Do you know what makes you aroused?  What have you never done before but have been curious about?  Continue:What is one thing that is working now to help you remember those hot and steamy days?  What is that thing that puts a little flush in your face, twinkle in your eye and warmth in your body?   Answer these questions for yourself and remember the words Stop. Start. Continue. Every successful resolution takes repetition and practice.  Think of the fun you will have working on your Year of Pleasure.  You with me?



About Wendy Petties:  

Wendy Petties earned an MBA in Organizational Behavior – Psychology and Human Resources, and used those skills to develop strategies to aid others, but found that much of the clinical and professional writing on the topic of sexuality was not targeting ‘average’ people, especially people of color. Women between the ages of 24-45, in particular, are often marginalized or degraded for exhibiting any sexual freedom or curiosity.

While attending a seminar with Jill Nelson and Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, Wendy was thrilled to see many people of color in attendance openly talking, sharing their thoughts and feelings on a myriad of sexual topics. She became convinced that there was a need for this work on behalf of people who are not considered by traditional offerings and coaches. At a panel discussion on intimacy, one of the panelists mentioned that they sold adult novelties at house parties. Wendy’s interest was piqued and she decided that she could use Pleasure Parties as a foundation for offering education and coaching in a relaxed setting. Simmer was born.

As a sex coach, Wendy is used as a vehicle for people to explore their sexuality and sensuality in a safe and secure environment. Through workshops and seminars, sensual education parties and private client meetings, people are empowered – particularly women of color – to research, examine and develop methods to achieve their desired level of sexual expression. Her goal is to train, inspire, encourage, coax and have individuals discover what is holding them back or making them unhappy. They are then able to work on creating whatever it takes to move to the next level in sexual self-discovery and life.


A sample of the some of the trainings offered are:

• Monogamy: How to have fun with a long term partner

• Relationship Viagra: How to rekindle the flames when you’re 40 and older

• Sensuality, Sex, and Safety

• Know Your Body Intimately

• Self Image and Identity


Wendy says, “I defy presumptions of who should – and can – do this work; I am an educator, a mentor, a guide for people who want to embrace this aspect of themselves but don’t know how to begin. Often, just speaking about their needs, reservations and hopes in a non-judgmental forum, helps people feel more comfortable in their sexuality.”

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