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Why I Hate Black History Month

I appreciate the sentiment and all, but I have to tell you, as a Black mom, I'm really starting to get a little frustrated with Black History Month.    In fact, I've grown to hate Black History Month because inevitably one of my children will come home with an absolutely incorrect fact from a well-meaning […]

New Study: 3 Good Household Routines Linked to Reducing Obesity in Pre-Schoolers

                                  A new study links having three important family routines to reducing obesity in preschoolers. See which ones matter.

First Look Movie Review: Jill Scott’s New Movie on Lifetime Movie Networks

The multi-talented diva and new mom, Jill Scott, stars in a new film on Lifetime Movie Network premiering Feb. 21. Check out my review of Sins of the Mother.  

Black Motherhood: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Black Motherhood: Celebrating Our History, Redefining Our Experience   February is all about reflecting on black history. As mothers, our black history is a tale of painful beginnings followed by triumphant gains. Major Triumph: Michelle Obama becomes First Lady of the United States. She epitomizes everything modern black motherhood is about, career success, loving partnership, and […]

Simmering Saturdays: Your Journey Back to the Hot Mama Simmering Underneath the Nurturing Mother

    There’s a fiery vixen simmering underneath every doting mom, but sometimes she gets smothered by the mother we’ve become. Join me, on a journey to reclaim our inner mamas, our fiery spirits, our sexy vibes, our swagga and everything else in between. To begin, all you have to do is Stop, Start, Continue. Here’s how

Is Vanity Fair Sending Dangerous Messages to Little Black Girls? This Black Mom Worries…

I really couldn't believe the recent spread in Vanity Fair heralding the next generation of Hollywood starlets.   It was bad enough that they couldn't (or didn't try) to find at least one person of color to include in their annual "New Hollywood" spread in the March issue. They've been taking a little heat for […]

5 Tips to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and Your Dental 911 Toolkit

  We have to take care of our babies’ teeth! February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and a great time to start healthy habits for your baby, toddler and beyond. Check out these easy tips to keep your baby’s teeth healthy from an early age and what to do if you have a dental […]

Oh Mama! The Bahamas Trip; 4 Days in Atlantis Heaven

I wanted to blog often from the Bahamas. Promise. But I was having too much fun! The JetAdventure media trip to the new Atlantis Kids Adventures was simply marvelous! It was sponsored by JetBlue, Atlantis and Lego. Obviously, the resort is beyond gorgeous. The kids and I had so much fun at the water park, I broke […]