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Keep Your Resolution Girl! Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss














Sure, this is how we start off the year! But after a while, it’s hard to keep your weight loss resolutions. Don’t give up! Check out a few simple tips to boost your weight loss.

Listen Up Black Moms!: Boost Your Weight Loss With These 4 Simple Ideas

Losing weight can be a big hassle, especially for a new mom. And we, black women are notorious for taking care of everyone else while neglecting our own health—not to mention finding time to diet and exercise.  

Thankfully, the new year offers a fresh start –and a chance to actually keep up with your new year’s resolution!  It’s Day 16: How are you doing?

Usually the biggest problem is finding time.  Good news: you can actually burn calories and lose weight by doing things in your normal daily routine.

Wellspring Camps, the leading weight loss organization for young adults and families throughout the US, offers several quick tips on how to burn calories while on the go. You’d be surprised at how much weight you can lose if you just stay on your feet. Simply just counting your steps can jump-start you to a weight loss victory.

Who said losing weight had to be a struggle? Try some easy and efficient calorie burning ideas today:
    * Record steps per day on a calendar posted at your desk
    * Seek parking spots further away from destinations
    * Walk to lunch destinations whenever possible
    * Make a game out of guessing the number of steps it takes to go from one place to another

Find tips like these, along with tons of other weight loss information at: http://www.wellspringcamps.com/.

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