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Single Mom Talk: Help! I Have Travel Issues…

Just when I think I've got this single parenting thing down, I recently realized I have a serious bout of "single parent travel-aphobia." Of course, I just made that up. But the point is, I've been avoiding  some mini-vacations and weekend getaways because of my fear of managing two children all on my lonesome.

I mean, I can do cruises, amusements parks and any resort with a kids club (and a bar!), but weekend getaways give me anxiety. And when you've got a visitation schedule to fit into, weekends matter. Here's my dilemma:

For example, over the summer, the kids were all geeked up for our annual weekend stayover at Sesame Place. In the past, I've had a girlfriend come along with us. But this year, between one engaged friend and another one all "booed" up  with a new man, I couldn't find anyone to go with us on any of my free weekends. The thought of managing the water slides (Kayla's and Michael's favorite) or that roller coaster on my own was scary. Kayla is too chicken to ride alone or with Michael. And Michael is fearless but too young to ride those slides by himself. Nor can I leave one standing at the top of the line until I come back. All I could see was Kayla tipping over in an inner tube at the bottom while I'm holding on to Michael. Oh lawd!  

What to do? What to do? I deliberated so much, we never went.

Lately, they've been asking to go to Great Wolf Lodge. Has anyone been? It is an indoor water park with a few locations. I would just love to take the kids there over the break but I'm back to my issue: how do I manage two kids and water slides when I'm just one person.

Oh and before you ask about other people, let me say that we used to travel with another couple with kids around the same age which gave Kayla some company and took some pressure off. But as you can imagine, I don't get any overnight trip invitations from the married couples anymore now that I'm in the single and manless category.

I'm working on my single mother circle, but right now it doesn't include any moms with children around the same ages as mine. Plus, you know you just can't travel with anybody. Or their kids!

Anyone have any ideas? Am I being too para?

Should I make Kayla man up and just get on every ride with her brother?

If anyone has tips for managing two when you're only one, then please send them my way. Quick. School is out!


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2 Responses to “Single Mom Talk: Help! I Have Travel Issues…”
  1. SameciaMuriel says:

    Hmmm. This is a toughie. No grown cousins, kids’ uncles/aunts or grandparents to go? What about taking one of Kayla’s friends? That way he/she can stand with her while you ride with your son and Kayla has someone to ride with her. Or if not a friend perhaps a cousin. If it’s family then your son can bring along a fave cousin too or they can share the cousin. Know any trustworthy teens that want/need some community service hours? They can be your secondary chaperone too. Or what about godmommy or goddaddy? That’s what they’re for. Hell, I like great wolf parks- I’ll go!

  2. Gosh, I’m late! I’m not single, but I do have a girl, 10 and a boy, 7. Call me! I can leave The Man at home. LOL

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