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Shout Outs to New Moms & FREE GIVEAWAY; Caring for Babies is NOT like riding a bike. I learned the hard way.

Today, I’m shouting out all the moms of infants and small toddlers. Much repsect to all of you! And I'm giving away a Free Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin with a patented odor control system (see details below).


Even though I’m coming up on ten years in the mommy game (I know, I look too young, right?? Um, I said, RIGHT???:)) I was recently reminded how tough it is taking care of infants and small tots, how much I had actually forgotten and why the above mentioned giveaway, may surely come in handy.  


It went a little something like this:


A few weeks ago I happily agreed to watch my girlfriend's one year old son for about two days so she could take a work trip.


"I got this", I thought. Auntie Kim is on it! After all, it was only four years ago that I had a one year old.  I figured getting back into the baby mode would be like riding a bike. It was more like getting hit by a bus!


Apparently four years is more than enough time to fall off your mommy game. It’s amazing how quickly we can forget the work, the juggling (literally), the organization, the patience, the lack of sleep and all the "stuff"  that baby's actually require. And the cute little guy just started walking, but my house hasn't been babyproofed for some time. Because every phase of childhood brings its own stresses, I had nearly forgotten about this phase.


I didn't even mention that my girlfriend still breastfeeds him (Whoo Hoo!), so putting him to bed was going to require some serious creativity and a lot of patience. I haven’t rocked, walked, bounced and sang that much in years!

And I won’t mention the one exploding diaper incident.


Truth be told, on one of the days, I had a little help. My girlfriend from London was in town—and although childless, she is a highly capable Auntie to even my own kids. As two educated, savvy women we set out to run errands and take care of some business with my two kids and the baby in tow.



This was my moment to shine. I felt like I was back in the zone. I dutifully packed the diaper bag, refilling his water cup, adding snacks and checking for diapers and wipes. Meanwhile, my girlfriend got my children out the door and into the car. Everybody was car seated, belted, buckled and ready to go.


We pulled out the driveway proudly, slapping high fives at our teamwork!


We were halfway to our destination before I realized I left the superbly packed diaper bag in the house!


So there we were out for a long day with a one year old, with no diapers, no wipes, no toys, no snacks, no nothing! Oy!


Watching (and laughing at) my own mommy blunders reminded me how tough parenting can be in the early years. Now I remember why we rejoice at the end of our diaper days, the end of our dependence on wipes, butt creams, changing pads and more baby gear than one human being can manage. I am very happy to be past those years.    


But for those who aren’t, I’m giving away one FREE fresh from the factory, Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin and a 10-pack box of Diaper Pail bag refills today. It comes fully assembled, can be used with just one hand and has a self-sealing system. Just leave a comment below with your favorite mommy or daddy blunder moment and the best one at the end of the day wins.


On the other hand, there’s a specialness of those early years that can never be duplicated. I miss the amazing bond and comfort I enjoyed while breastfeeding—I could totally understand why that little man did not want to go to sleep without it.


But when he did finally doze off, and I watched him sleeping peacefully, I was reminded of the calm that only a baby can bring over you. The joy of motherhood. I saw my own son, little Michael, just four years ago, when I used to stare in wonderment as he slept. I saw this baby as a future strong black man, and myself as part of his "village" that will help mold and shape him. (His mom is certainly part of the village that raises my children)


I saw everything that is beautiful about babies.



And endless possibilities. 



Win This Today!! Snapping and Sealing exploding diapers is VERY good!!

8 Responses to “Shout Outs to New Moms & FREE GIVEAWAY; Caring for Babies is NOT like riding a bike. I learned the hard way.”
  1. Timiza says:

    Thanks for doing this Giveaway! I know I can sure use this if I win!!! Also, thanks for the article about iot NOT being like getting back on a bike NOT!!! My son was 4 when my DD was born and lets’ just say, I had lost my juggling baby and a Preschooler mojo LOL!

  2. Jennifer G. says:

    Cool giveaway. I have one toddler by adoption and a newborn on the way, also via adoption. I’m sure I’ve committed plenty of baby blunders but the most recent that steals the show belongs to my father — my daughter’s grandfather. He got volunteered to watch her while she was napping and I ran to the store with my mom. My mom and I took bets about what would happen if the baby woke up before we returned — would my dad change her diaper? We said the chances were “no” and “hell no.” Well, we got home and sure enough, baby was awake — and in a fresh dipe. My dad was so proud of himself. He had not changed a diaper in, oh, 35 years or so! You could tell he was so tickled with himself. When my mom changed the baby’s diaper later, she came up to me and whispered that my dad had put the last diaper on very well, nice and snug and it fit perfectly — backwards! We never said a word to my dad, and we still don’t know how he managed to wrestle a wriggly baby to get her diaper’s sticky tabs securely fastened on her backside!

    • Kimberly says:

      I LOVE that you two left grandpa’s pride in tact. Shout out to all the grandpa’s doing their thing–inside out, upside down and backward, but doing it, nonetheless. LOL! My father has been visiting us for a few days and watching him help Michael with kindergarten homework and listen attentively to Kayla’s High School Musical 2 performances has been a real joy!

  3. SameciaMuriel says:

    My husband and I had the opportunity to take our twin Godchildren, age four, and our infant daughter to the White House Easter Egg Roll. I was so excited at finally being able to do something I had dreamed of since childhood that I failed to notice the big red circle on the calendar. I knew the Easter Egg Roll trip would be a long day filled with lots of waiting and walking so I was trying to think of every possible situation (port-a-potties, hunger, meltdowns, line waiting, train riding, etc.) and every possible thing we’d need for the day. I packed bags full of snacks, toys, wipes, diapers, milk, cups, toilet paper, etc. You name it- I had it rammed and jammed in the diaper bag and the twins’ bookbags. As I checked through the bags one last time before we left the house, I patted myself on the back and plastered a self-satisfactory smile on my face. We get to the Metro station and on the train with no tears. After about 20 minutes we arrive at our transfer stop when I feel the unmistakable drop of Aunt Flow. I’m horrified! First of all I have on LIGHT gray pants; second I have absolutely no feminine hygiene products on me and third- the ancient metro station bathrooms aren’t equipped with such things. I had worked so dilligently packing for everyone else I totally overlooked my own needs (Welcome to Motherhood). What to do?! I thought about the old stuff-with-toilet-paper trick, but I was going to be walking and standing all day with a port-a-potty being my only refuge. No way that trick was going to work without drowning innocent bystanders and ruining my favorite pair of pants. And I seriously doubted the secret service was going to allow me access to Mrs. Obama’s stash. So I rifled through the diaper bag and pulled out a diaper. AHA! Talk about absorbent! I may be switching my Always for Huggies! LOL!

    • Kimberly says:

      Girl, that is heee-la-ree-ous!! I couldn’t help but think of that deranged astronaut chic who brought the Depends for her road trip to confront her man, but your story is DEFINITELY for a better cause! Wow! I have a few diapers left over from my day with the baby, and now I know to keep them handy!! Hey, we are in a recession!! ya never know!!

  4. tanyetta says:

    We were all set for date night, I triple checked everything on the list. Halfway to the event, my mind sprang into action and I realized I FORGOT to put the diapers in the diaper bag. How does a mommy forget to put the diapers in a diaper bag. HELLO! Needless to say, I had to stop at the local CVS and groaned the entire time while I purchased the OVERpriced diapers because I never buy diapers without a coupon and this entire trip was stressing me out. I refused to let it mess up our date. We went and had a good time and I promised myself to NEVER EVER let the diaper bag go without diapers!

    p.s. when you said this:
    ***four years is more than enough time to fall off your mommy game***
    I LOVE IT!!!
    You said it all right there!

    Great post. LOVED reading it and was high fiving you all through the article.

  5. Clarisse says:

    I’m a single mom of a wonderful 6 month old baby girl. Although my relationship with her dad has been over since before she was born, I am happy to say he is involved in her life. So he went with me to her 2 month well visit and I drove and dropped him off at home. I have a manual everything car and he very thoughtfully locked the passenger door for me. I get home, park in the indoor garage and follow my customary pattern of getting us up to the apartment. I get out of my door, put the keys in my bag and lock my door, then go to get the stroller from the trunk, but its locked (which makes sense because her father put her in the car while I had gone to the deli), I go to the passenger door to get my keys from my bag and find the door locked! My 2 month old is LOCKED in the car, with my keys and my phone! Thankfully sleeping. I run up to the super’s office, but no one is there. I run back to the car to check on my still sleeping baby. I run up to his apartment, but there is no answer; another tenant tells me he is on vacation. I run back downstairs, baby is still sleeping. I peek out the front door to see if I can find the porter, no porter. Baby still sleeping. I explain my situation to another tenant, who holds the front door open for me while I run across the street to the rental office, there is a sign saying they’ll be back in 15 minutes. Shaking, I run downstairs again, still sleeping. But by this point I’m so hyped I’ve convinced myself that she’s had an allergic reaction from the vaccines and she’s dead. I run back upstairs, not knowing what to do, pacing, thinking about breaking my car window, when the porter and the rental agent walk in. The porter lets me into my apartment, I grab my spare key, run downstairs to my car, grab my sleeping daughter and don’t let go for 5 hours!

  6. tina howard says:

    My son was about 15 months old my mother and I decided that we would go into JcPenney’s and do alittle shopping we both held on to his little hands to keep him from off we were proudly showing him off to to other people in the store when my mom looked down she notice what seem to be diarrhea line following us my sons diaper could not hold every thing he had to offer. o more off brands for me needless to say we both left in a hurry. but that did not scare me from having more children we have had eight more I did not give birth to them all I adopted four and just recent got five week old baby boy life can be so grand!

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