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Friday Finance: Six Ways to Simplify Your Finances

Are you struggling to keep up with your financial activity? Here’s some ways to revamp your personal finances…

Coping with Colic: Soothing Techniques (for Baby & You) that Work!

Has your baby been crying uncontrollably, with clenched fists and an arched back? Does your baby seem uncomfortable and cries to the point where he/she is inconsolable? Does your baby have frequent sleeplessness, irritability and fussiness? IF youve answered yes to some or all of these questions your child may have Colic.

Daddy Doesn’t Do Hair and Other WTH? Moments

Meeting the afternoon school bus is one of the best mommy moments of my day. When I see the yellow bus noisily chugging down the street and then after it stops and the doors open, I wait with eager anticipation for my little ones to step off the bus. Then it’s smiles, hugs, kisses, and […]

Fibroids and Pregnancy: What Every Black Woman Needs to Know

Black women have the highest rates of fibroids-noncancerous tumors of the uterus. It is estimated that 50 to 75 percent of black women have fibroids. Here’s what you should know…

Defective Pacifier Warning for New York City Area Moms

The Consumer Product Safety Commission Warns Against Defective Pacifiers Sold in New York City Area Grocery Stores, Delis and Discount Stores. Get more information now.

Daddy Talk: Doing My Daughter’s Hair

My wasband can’t seem to get it right. We wondered how other dads were faring in doing their daughter’s hair. The answers were tangled and knotted!

Toddler Tuesday: Dealing With a Picky Eater: Tips that Work!

Have a picky eater on your hands? Here’s what you should know…

Michael and Mamas Milk: Boob Lessons for Everyone & A Chance to Win!

Recently, a conversation around our dinner table began a little something like this:   Michael, my 5-year old: Mommy, did I used to drink milk from your breasts?   Me: Yes, you did   Son: Why?   Me: Well, it makes you healthier and smarter. Mama’s milk is why you're so smart.   Son: Is […]

Five Young Women to Watch: Sisters on the Move

                                                                                                                                                                                                 As mothers raising the next generation of Black leaders, it’s good to take a look at this generation’s future leaders for a few teaching points.