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Tiny Tot Tuesday: 10 Little Puppies Book Review



Stumped on a fun and educational gift for the tot in your life? Try this …


























By Annie Friedman

“Ten Little Puppies” is a book about 10 different puppies getting into trouble and wreaking havoc by jumping on beds, playing on fire trucks and riding horses. The tenth dog is a Dachshund who is jumping on the bed, the ninth is a sailing Beagle, eighth is a firefighting Dalmatian, seventh is a skiing Husky, sixth is a bear-setting Irish Setter, fifth is a surfing Newfoundland, fourth is a climbing Poodle, third is a cave-crawling Yorkie, second is a rodeo-riding Collie, and first is cookie-eating German Shepherd.

The changing puppies and googly eyes that move around on the front cover will leave your kids waiting in anticipation for you to turn the page and keep your child’s interest all the way through. Each time you flip the page, a new picture of a dog appears with the same set of googly eyes that go from the front to the back cover.

Overall, I would recommend this book to all parents. It has wonderful illustrations, scenarios, and is educational. Animals are always a favorite among children, so a book about them is sure to please your little one. Not only does it tell a funny story that keeps kids wanting to know what happens next, but it educates your child about what kinds of dogs there are. I hope that after reading this book, your child will have a better appreciation for animals and be able to identify different kinds of dogs.

The book is written by Marian Harris and is illustrated by Jim Harris. Pick up a copy of Ten Little Puppies at your bookstore for $15.99. It will make a great holiday gift for the children in your life.

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