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Give the Gift of ‘Mami’ Time


Fighting off crazy shoppers, endless grocery lists, out-of-town relatives … there is a long list of reasons as to why you may be stressed out this time of of year. In the midst of all your planning, don’t forget to plan some time for … you! 

By Janice Correa

The holidays are fast approaching — and so are the numerous holiday parties and events. People are also rushing with the end-of-year list of to do’s. With all of the hoopla, it’s important that we take time to breathe, relax and enjoy this time with our families.

The roles of mothers today are completely different that the roles our mothers have played. Right now, we are busy going back to school, being entrepreneurs, having careers, as well as being mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and friends. If we’re not careful, we can spread ourselves way too thin!

Sometimes we do need to be selfish and get some “me time” or how I like to call it “Mami’s Time Out.” It’s important for us to relax and recharge so that we’re able to continue with our busy lives. Here are some tips for relaxing and recharging:

1. Get a mani and pedi. If you are budget-conscious you can give yourself a mani and pedi. I give myself one every Sunday after my son goes to bed for the night. It’s very relaxing and readies me for the week ahead.

2. Schedule a date with a girlfriend. Whether it’s that chick flick your significant other would rather die than accompany you to or just catching up over a cup of coffee, it’s important that we keep our relationships with our girlfriends going. What about a girl’s night out at a nightclub or lounge? A day of shopping never hurt anyone!

3. Get a massage or facial. If you can’t afford a spa, look in your area for beauty schools — you can book a facial for a fraction of the price! Although they are students, the teachers are not far, supervising to make sure things go smoothly.

4. If you’re feeling like you’re in a slump, try a new haircut. Going to your hairdresser and changing your cut or color could inspire you to return to your fabulous self! And you would look gorgeous just in time for those holiday pictures!

5. During this time of year, you may be getting an unlimited number of requests to host dinners, bake, cook and attend numerous events. Remember that it’s ok to say no once in a while. You just can’t do everything and be everything for everyone!

I hope you enjoy your holiday season and continue being the fabulous woman you are!

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