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Coping with Colic: Soothing Techniques (for Baby & You) that Work!

cryingbaby2.jpgHas your baby been crying uncontrollably, with clenched fists and an arched back? Does your baby seem uncomfortable and cries to the point where he/she is inconsolable? Does your baby have frequent sleeplessness, irritability and fussiness? IF youve answered yes to some or all of these questions your child may have Colic.

 By Vincia Maloney

Colic is a broad term for conditions that result in excessive crying among young babies. Colic doesnt discriminate it can happen to any baby no matter the circumstance. It usually occurs in new born babies. Coping with a Colicky baby can be difficult and frustrating for moms especially when you don’t know what’s wrong.


How to Properly Diagnose that Your Baby Has Colic:


Step One: Note the pattern of crying. They will cry for at least 3 hours a day, 3 times each week and for at least 3 weeks. The crying is intense and loud. (Often known as the rule of 3’s)


Step Two: Document any physical symptoms. Your baby will appear to be uncomfortable and in pain. (i.e: an arched back, clenched fists, curled legs and toes and hardness of the stomach.)


Step Three: Note the times. Most Colic Episodes occur in the evening or late afternoon and are usually over by midnight.


After following the above steps Discuss your documentation with your baby’s doctor. Review your baby’s medical history with his/her doctor.  It may help the doctor rule out what is causing your baby to cry if the cause isn’t colic. Allow your baby to undergo a physical exam and laboratory tests, which can rule out any possible causes of your baby’s crying, such as infections.


You may be wondering, ‘What causes Colic?’ Some doctors say it is caused by abdominal pain due to intestinal gas. However, there is no consistent cause for colic that all experts agree upon.


There are different treatments. Remember, before you do anything you should definitely seek a physician before giving your baby any medications or supplements.


Below are some tips and remedies that can soothe your baby if he/she has colic.


1. Hold your baby in a rocking chair and gently rock, or walk the infant around in your arms.
2. Rest your baby across your lap, belly down, and rub his or her back.
3. Swaddle your baby in a warm blanket.
4. Breastfeed or give him a pacifier. The act of suckling can help.
5. Place your baby securely in a swing or vibrating seat. This type of movement helps calm some babies.
6. Play some music, run the vacuum or turn on a white noise machine.
7. Strap your baby into a car seat and go for a drive.
8. Gripe water can calm the babys colic symptoms in a hurry and ranges in price from $8-$15.

(Gripe water is simply water with herbs that are proven to help calm the stomach and even the intestines. The water is sterile water usually fortified with herbs such as peppermint, chamomile, fennel, or ginger or a combination of these herbs.)

 Since no one option works for all babies, try a number of solutions until you find one that seems to calm your infant.

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