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Date Night on a Budget: Cheap and Fun Ideas For Every Couple


Need little more spice in your marriage? Consider reinstating the classic "Date Night" with your hubby.

Date Night: Six Ideas for a Romantic Evening with your Husband

By Tamika Y. Richeson

Need little more spice in your marriage? Consider reinstating the classic "Date Night" with your hubby. You know, the dates you used to go on before little Jr. came along. While this may not happen as often as before, there is value in making a deliberate decision to schedule in time with your husband. Even if it is twice a month, in the middle of the week or in the wee hours of the night, you and your hubby will be glad you made it happen. So get your list of potential babysitters together and start scheduling dates for them to come entertain the kids while you and your husbands entertain each other!

So it is Friday morning, and as I write this story about date night ideas I’m actually making plans for my own date night which happens every Friday. My date night begins during the day when I decide what to wear. I actually wear something a little sexy, not the sexy you maybe thinking, but a more subtle attempt to give my husband a head start in getting excited about our time alone together. For instance, I don’t often wear dresses or skirts. I’m more of a t-shirt, skinny jeans and great hair type of chick. So, on date night I switch it up a bit and put on a hip hugging pencil skirt with a sleeveless blouse, or a flattering dress that accentuates my neckline and figure. You know what your husband likes whether it is a dress or simply wearing your hair down. Either way, work it out on these days especially. If you have to be more conservative in your workplace, find a way to change either before or when you return home to meet up with your husband. Change up your look to throw your husband off (in a good way) or just for your self, what woman doesn’t like an opportunity to look and feel fabulous?

Here are some affordable ideas for your next Date Night:

1. Classic Movie Night: Put in your favorite Blockbuster if you’re on a budget, or get some tickets to see the latest Box Office hit. Once, my husband and I went to Blockbuster and got the 4 DVDs for $20 special. We spent the entire night watching movies and eating buttery popcorn. Movie nights allow couples to escape to Hollywood and forget about all of the concerns that haunted them throughout the week.

2. Karaoke: Whether you have a five-octave range or can’t seem to find that key, go out with your hubby for a night of karaoke and
appetizers. Pick some of your favorite tunes to sing along to, and munch on some wings. Or, just watch someone else make a fool of
themselves for your own entertainment. You might want to even get a moment on the dance floor like old times!

3. Giving Back: Go to a nearby soup kitchen or senior home and spend some time with a group of people who might enjoy your company. Many soup kitchens allow volunteers to come on Friday and Saturday nights to serve dinner and then play games like bingo and card games. Or many homes for the elderly host game nights, music, and crafts. What better way to show love by coming together to be a blessing to someone else in need of it?

4. Backyard Excursion: Is that tent collecting dust in your garage? Well shake it off and pitch that baby in the backyard. Lay out a blanket with a home-cooked meal or just order from your favorite take-out. Throw in a couple of pillows, flashlights, a small radio and enjoy a night out under the stars. Who knows what will happen next!

5. Wedding Flashback: For those weeks where your hubby got on your bad side or just to reflect back on your journey, pop in the wedding video and make it an event. Set out some munchies, your favorite fleece blanket and maybe even consider slipping on the lingerie you wore on your wedding night. Dim the lights and start the production!

6. Cooking Class: For the outgoing couple that loves to try new things, consider attending a cooking class. These can be found in culinary institutes, community centers or through special programs sponsored by restaurants. This is a great way to get creative together while expanding your taste buds.

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