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Doreen Does Satin: Luxury Satin Pillowcases that Save Your Hair and Skin


From corporate VP to luxury satin diva, Doreen Motton turned her passion into profit and found lifelong fulfillment in her company Neero and Ana

neero_ana.jpg By Tamika Y. Richeson


Most people can recall a moment in their life where they were at life’s lowest point, comtemplating purpose, passion and what mattered most. For Doreen Motton, former Citigroup vice president, she realized she needed a change. It was the thought of losing her son that motivated her to pursue her passion and take bold steps toward becoming her own boss.

Struggling with an alcohol addiction, and living in her car, Doreen faced a crossroads in her life where she knew that something had to change. She new that there was more to life, and more importantly, she knew that she had to make a conscious decision to change, not only for her personal well-being, but so her son could have his mother in his life. Doreen says, "I made a conscious decision to do something about my life and how I viewed myself. And then everyday I lived it! One day at a time." Unhappy at her day job, Doreen found fulfillment with a piece of high quality satin and a sewing machine. Little did she know that she would create an innovative product, build a successful business and inspire many people.

It began with regular trips to the hair salon where her stylist worked her magic in creating fabulous hairstyles for her. However, the dilemma that most of us face is maintaining our fresh coifs and wraps. Abandoning other methods that made one’s hair dry, damaged and brittle, Doreen in the spirit of innovation created a satin pillowcase made with high-grade satin fabric that would allow one to sleep without the typical head wraps. The pillowcase in fact served multiple purposes, one being preserving your hairstyle, and the second ensures that you don’t go to bed wearing a frumpy bonnet as we have done for years. The dilemma of the doo-rag and damaged hair no longer haunted us, and the birth of Neero & Ana’s Satin Slumber Collection was well on its way.
For Doreen, this business didn’t just mean a solution to our hair woes, but this marked a life-changing, if not life-saving moment in her life where she discovered her inner strength and considered the possibilities of her talents and passions. Doreen’s role as a mother inspired her to become a different person, not just for herself, but for a son that loves her and motivates her. While life has not always been a smooth ride for Doreen, she did not allow her past to dictate the success of the future. Neero & Ana is not just a company that produces quality products, Doreen states, "This is a smokescreen so I can meet people, share my story, and effect change." She does just that, as her life has been a testimony of hard times transformed into success and personal fulfillment.

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