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Back to School Tips for Busy Moms: Keepin’ it Stress Free!



















Back to School doesn’t have to mean back to stress! Check out our 10 great tips for a stress free back to school season. Moms, you will thank us!

Back to School Tips for Busy Moms: Parents!  Have a Stress-Free Back to School Season

By Annie Friedman

It’s that time of year again Moms, back to school time. As stressful as this time may be on our schedules, brains and wallets, parents can it fun and exciting for your children and stress-free for you. By preparing yourself and following these simple tips you and your children will be ready for a great school year. These back to-school-keep-your-sanity tips are sure to not only prepare you, but make you have fun along the way!

1)      Practice bus schedules.

Familiarize your children with bus stop routes and behavior. Before walking your children to the bus stop, make sure they know what behavior is acceptable and appropriate on the bus. Stress the importance of staying in their seat and being quiet. It’s dangerous for children to be walking about when the bus is in motion so make sure your child knows that. Also, on the first day of school, stick around and meet the bus driver. Knowing who drives your child to school each day will make you feel more comfortable.

2)      Hold a family meeting.

Before school starts, get the family together to talk about changes that will be occurring during the school year. Make sure each child knows about homework rules, schedules, activities, transportation, etc. By letting each child know what to expect, it will be less stressful when the school year begins.

3)      Get in touch with the school.

Make sure you know what immunizations are needed, as well as physicals and medical forms. If your child takes medication, tell the school nurse and stop by on the first day of school to give them to her. Also, get a school calendar sent to your house so you know what days your children have off as well as important meetings and activities. Checking out clubs, activities, events and sports will allow your children to pick out what they’re interested in ahead of time and will help you and your family plan better for them.

4)      Calm your children’s fear of getting lost.

If your child is going to a new school, take them the week before school starts to walk down the halls, find their classroom, the gym, cafeteria, etc. Most schools will allow this, but call the school to make sure. Since most kids are scared of new places, they’ll feel more comfortable knowing where their classroom is on the first day.

5)      Lighten your child’s academic load by being their support system.

Children can become stressed about an increased work load so make sure your child knows you and their teacher are there to help them. Letting them know they have a support system will help eliminate stress and lead them to academic success. Stress the importance of excellent efforts instead of straight A’s so they know the value of learning. If your child is still stressed about past academic experiences, set up extra study time or a tutor, if needed.

6)      Prepare and plan for back to school shopping.

Before hitting the stores, look over your children’s school supply list to see what they need and what they still have left over from last year. Do some research before you shop so you know what stores have what you want and which ones have the best prices. Setting a budget can also be very helpful so you don’t go overboard buying those unnecessary supplies.  Also, don’t forget to carry your children’s school supply list in your purse so you won’t be worried about forgetting it.

7)      The older your children get, the more they care about what they wear.

Like school supplies, go through your children’s closets and look at what they have and what they need. Ask them about what they like to wear; knowing what their favorite colors, characters, etc. are, will help you cater to what they like. Again, do some research to find out about the best prices, sales and selection that stores have. Check out websites that have coupons, such as www.retailmenot.com, you’ll end up saving money in the end.

8)      Make your children’s day a tasty one by making them lunch.

Not only will you save money, but your children will get a more nutritious and delicious lunch. Ask your children what they like and what they dislike. It’ll help you know what to get when you go grocery shopping and they’ll be less food in the garbage later. Also, make sure your children can open their lunch. There’s nothing worse than having your child go hungry because they can’t open those darn lunch containers, chip bags or juice boxes.

9)       Get your child acquainted with their classmates.

Contact your child’s school and see if you can get a list of your child’s classmates along with phone numbers. Have an end-of-the-summer party and familiarize your child with the children they’ll be spending the rest of the year with. Invite their parents to stay as well so you can chat with them, arrange play dates and carpools. This will make you and your child much more comfortable about the start the school year.

10)   Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Before the first day of school, prepare your children for the stress and getting up early in the morning. Five days before school starts, wake your kids up at the time they need to get up during school so you avoid crankiness on the first day. Also, the night before school, get out outfits, prepare lunches, backpacks and don’t forget to set the alarm clocks!


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