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10 Tips for Moms Planning to Start a Business

Working black mothers juggling a family have all four burners sizzling
at once. Between getting the kids off to school with a good breakfast,
pursuing a career and finding time for ourselves, it’s easy to lose our
direction as it seems our dreams and life we’ve always wanted are
trailing behind us. It’s easy to feel like we’re stuck in a rut or in a
job with little purpose or fulfillment.

If you ever had the dream of running your own business and doing what
you love remember that dreams aren’t made overnight.  However, it can
be worth the struggle when you’re working for yourself and living your
dream. Owning your own business is a dream that can come true. Here are
a few tips to starting a business from the ground up.

1.    Do what you love. There’s nothing worse than pursuing a dream
only for the money, and then realizing that we really hate it when it
actually comes true. You’ll invest a lot of time and energy creating a
business, as it takes serious hard work and commitment. If it’s
something you really don’t enjoy, your dream can end up feeling like a

2.    If possible, stay employed while you start your own business.
Companies usually take years before they start earning a profit. How
long can you and your family live without any income? Chances are, not
very long, so you better have some money coming in from other sources
before you count on making profit from your new business. Part-time
work can make it easier to have an income but still juggle kids and
family commitments.

3.    Write it all down in a business plan. There’s nothing worse than
investing time and money only to realize it will never succeed. Lay it
all out in a plan and do the math. See if your dream can work before
committing to your future.

4.    Don’t do it all by yourself. More heads are always better than
one. The more people you can bounce your ideas off of, the more
polished your business plan will become. Family, friends, and people
you trust to be honest can not only help you look at the situation with
new eyes, but also bring fresh ideas to the table. Even a chat with the
babysitter can help you think about issues more clearly.

5.    Get help from the professionals. Nobody expects you to know
everything, especially if you’ve never done this before. Being a mom
can get complicated enough, without worrying about the legalities
behind investment backing, taxation issues, and the collateral you may
need to start your dream.

6.    Get your financing situated. Save all you can. Entice backers and
investors to help you with your dream. Sometimes even a neighborhood of
moms can pool their money to get a company started. It’s a good idea to
think outside of the box.

7.    Start networking. Get clients and customers before you start your
business. Start with friends and family, even other parents in the

8.    Be willing to make the commitment and follow through. You already
know about commitment- you’re a mother. Like raising kids, however,
there will always be bumps in the road. Be prepared to follow your
dream to the end.

9.    You don’t need to be an accountant, lawyer or bookkeeper, but you
had better hire them when you need them. Leave the complicated tasks to
the experts. It will save you time as well as money in the long run.

10.    Have fun! This is your business, your dream that is stretching
its wings. Creativity makes all the difference when it comes to
successful business start-ups. The more open you are to ideas and
possibilities along the way, the higher the wind will carry you.

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