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Kimberly’s Confessions: Tuna Sandwiches for Breakfast, Laundry Piles and Other “Summer Mommy” Mode-isms

I confess.

Summertime is the ultimate scapegoat.

And I've been working it like a new job. It's too hot to exercise. It's too hot to cook.

It's too hot to move. I've got a million of them. When I pass off tuna fish sandwiches as dinner, I blame it on summer. When I pass off tuna fish sandwiches as breakfast, I blame it on summer (just kidding. Though i did think about it. What??? It's nutritious) 

The point is, summer is the ultimate excuse for breaking routines, breaking bed times, sleeping late, lounging by the pool, ice cream overload, and doing other things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Runs on the treadmill are replaced by runs to Baskin Robbins. (yeah, I'm paying for that one!) Bedtimes are funtimes. And "dinner" has its own fuzzy definition–more art than science, I usually say.

Yep, I'm in full "Summer Mommy" mode and the closer we get to back to school, the worse I've become.

The problem is I know that in a short few weeks, I will haveto get back into the routine of  School Year Mommy, and until then I've been acting up!  School Year Mommy makes brain food breakfasts, healthy snacks, balanced dinners, gets up early, organizes school notices, does school projects, goes to countless school events, and battles the school year "to-do" list like a shero. 

Summertime Mommy? Not so much. 

The laundry piles up (who needs clean undies if you're swimming all day?), the fridge runs on nearly empty (it's too hot to carry grocery bags!), and there's a small collection of dishes in the sink because it's definitely too hot to run the dishwasher or GASP! wash them by hand. Yikes!

Yes, I'm shamelessly sharing my Summer Mommy confessions, because, the truth is, as moms, for most of the year we have to always keep things going on a schedule . We run a tight ship. Breakfast is on a schedule. Dinner is on a schedule. After dinner clean up is on a schedule. Homework is on a schedule. Sometimes (most times) our kids are overscheduled.  And while that is often a good and a very necessary aspect of our lives, it is also equally empowering and exhilarating to kiss routine goodbye. Give it the old heave-ho, sayonara, the bird, the sideways peace sign–DEUCES!!! Even if just for six weeks or less. 

Trust me.

And to my work out of the home moms, who have to still have to keep an even tougher routine during the summer (I remember those days!), please find some way, somehow, to ditch your rountine, break a few rules and throw caution to the wind sometime before summer ends.

You need this.

Moms needs this.

After all, it is the breaks, the summer induced lazy spurts, the who gives a ___ of summer that makes the routines of the rest of the year bearable and dare I say, even enjoyable.  

And so as I prepare to get back into my family’s daily grind and my personal routine in a few weeks, it is with keen awareness that it’s the sweet breaks, the surrenders and downright lazy days of summer that help us welcome back the routine of our daily lives. I'm milking the last days of summer for everything she's got.

Tonight, we're going to the beach after dark for star gazing!  And I don't have a clue as to what's for dinner!

Thank you Summer for being such a glorious scapegoat and a powerful inspiration for Summertime Mommies all over the world! I won't let you down.  And I can't wait to see you again next year.

What's your Summertime Mommy confession? C'mon, you can tell me.


4 Responses to “Kimberly’s Confessions: Tuna Sandwiches for Breakfast, Laundry Piles and Other “Summer Mommy” Mode-isms”
  1. Lisa Fitzgerald says:

    I am the ultimate summer Mom. I miss My Mother who passed away a few years ago, I used to be able to give her my Kids during the week, while I worked and just pick them up on weekends, boy I miss that ALOT. I rarely cook during the week, it’s sandwiches, or alot of rotiserrie chicken (thanks Kroger and Walmart) I also take days off purposely to do nothing. My three year old even got me to go to the park and have a noon day picnic, grapes and chicken wings and some sprite, it was SO MUCH FUN! We’ve taken in Kings Island and plan to go to an indoor water park. Ohio!!! has lots to do in the summer. Summer time is all about relaxing, we have way too much to do throughout the year so enjoy it and as a fellow single parent of three I DESERVE some relaxing days!

  2. Tara says:

    I was JUST thinking about this the other day. It is too hot to breathe most days, so I’ve been slacking. Big time.

    Our laundry situation has gotten so bad this summer that we now use our guest room like a freakin’ walk-in closet. LOL. Wash a load of clothes, take them upstairs to the guest room and dump the clothes on the bed. Our actual clothes are BARE. Bare, I tell ya!

    Other summer mom “sins”?
    I fed my kids salad for breakfast. I figured, heck, it’s healthy, right?

    It’s been so hot, but I refuse to pay a high electric bill to run the central air. So I wear (ahem) fewer clothes around the house, causing my two-year-old to ask me questions: “Mom, are those your boobs? Do I have boobs? Does Daddy have boobs?” Oh, dear.

    We took the kids to the zoo last weekend and we SPRINTED through the exhibits. “Look, kids, there’s the zebra…the giraffe…the elephant! Okay, now back to the car!” Goodness it was too hot, with too much pavement!

    That’s pretty much it for me. Summer sure is fun, but fall is probably when my house will get back to order. 🙂 I’m going to post this comment on my blog I enjoyed answering this question so much! 🙂

  3. Tara says:

    @Tara – Ugh, a typo in the second sentence (and probably a few more ’cause you had me so pumped with the thought of baring my soul! LOL). “Our actual CLOSETS are BARE.”

    Don’t hold it against me – it’s summertime. *wink*

  4. Kimberly Seals Allers says:

    I love it that i’m not the only one with summer fever and summer mommy-itis. Picnics, sandwich dinners, salad breakfasts–that’s good stuff. Tara, I was reading your comment on my Blackberry while on line at KFC (yes, picking up chicken for tonight’s dinner) and I was cracking up laughing! OMG!! too funny! And when it comes to laundry i’ve got a bad case of fold-a-phobia–i can wash the clothes, but folding them seems like a Herculean feat!!! Dumping is sooo much better. Thanks ladies. I’m sure there’s more good stuff out there!!

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