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Black Women Entrepreneurs

Black women are making huge strides in the business world. We
are really doing our thing! A few decades ago, black women comprised only a
small percentage of corporate executives in the U.S.
Early in 2009, Ursula Burns
become the first black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Xerox. For decades,
ongoing prejudices and glass ceilings for women, made it harder for black women
especially to excel in an arena that is largely dominated by white males.

Today, black women are charting their own course, often
choosing entrepreneurship over the corporate world, especially mothers looking
for greater flexibility and more time with their family. In fact, Black women
have been at the forefront of the recent growth of black-owned businesses and
become entrepreneurs at a faster rate than any other ethnic group.
 They’ve founded as many or more companies as
black men, and are quickly turning their passion into profits.

One of the things that has enabled black women, and women
everywhere, to step more boldly into the realm of entrepreneurship is the
accessibility of online start-ups. Running a business from home has never been
easier, and mompreneurs everywhere are taking advantage of this. You can too. Taking
care of your baby or toddler can be hard when you work outside the home. Starting
an online business gives you a great deal of flexibility and makes being a
working black
a lot less stressful. More importantly, you can live a life of
fulfillment, earning money doing what you love to do.

Whether you want to launch a full-scale venture
or are simply looking to supplement your income, at Mocha Manual you’ll find
news, articles and inspiring profiles by and about some of today’s top black
women entrepreneurs. Get tips on how to acquire essential business skills,
manage your budget, build on your strengths, market on a shoestring budget, turn
your passion into viable business model, grow your business network and make
the most of your resources. And all of these articles are catered specifically
to you, because at Mocha Manual, we know black women want a passion-centered
life and we know that black parenting
carries its own unique set of challenges.

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