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African American Parenting Tips for Black Moms

The history of African American parenting in America has
been one of survival and endurance. There exists a tradition of sacrifice and
hard work among the community of African American parents, especially among
black mothers. Today, there is a prevailing image or stereotype of the black
mother as a figure of strength, severity and independence.  However flattering this image might be, it can
be detrimental always trying live up to it. Black mothers, like all mothers,
need help, and it’s alright to admit it and seek outside guidance. Plus, there
is a whole slew of problems and issues that are specific to the black mother
community. This is what Mocha Manual’s parenting section is about: helping
black parents, and black moms especially, fulfill their role and push their
children to be better in a healthy setting.

The articles and links in this section deal with issues of black parenting and specifically the roles
of black moms in the raising of a healthy family- everything from how to
instill healthy eating habits in your kids to creating an environmentally
friendly household.

At Mocha Manual we believe in giving black mothers knowledge
and resources that will help them become better parents. Raising your kids in a
social environment still affected by cultural divisions and racial stereotypes
can be very difficult. Our parenting section aims to help black moms deal with
issues specific to black parents today and to have a good time while they’re at
it, because every mom deserves to be happy.

These articles are here to inspire, support,
inform and give guidance. Browse through them and let us know your comments,
opinions or critiques, and share the stories you like with others. And while you’re
here, read up on the winners of the annual Mocha Manual Phenomenal Mom award.

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