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Single & Pregnant: Telling My Story

Before I was married with kids, I was single and pregnant. I’ve committed my life to talking about having a “fabulous” and powerful pregnancy, but there was nothing fabulous about how my pregnancy journey began.

Me & Maya Angelou: My Writing as Urban Legend

As a writer I have nothing but respect, admiration and possibly a straight up girl crush on Maya Angelou. So imagine my surprise when I received an email from a woman who investigates Urban Legends in some online forums, notifying me that my last post Today I Cried for Lost Black Boys: Sadness for Michael, […]




Black Women Entrepreneurs Black women are making huge strides in the business world. We are really doing our thing! A few decades ago, black women comprised only a small percentage of corporate executives in the U.S. Early in 2009, Ursula Burns become the first black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Xerox. For decades, […]

Parenting Tips for Black Mothers

Welcome to Mocha Manual, the most comprehensive online resource for black mothers. Mocha Manual was created with the intention of providing black women with knowledge and guidance through articles and media that address pregnancy and motherhood from a point of view that’s aware of the issues specific to the black community. We believe that black […]

African American Parenting Tips for Black Moms

The history of African American parenting in America has been one of survival and endurance. There exists a tradition of sacrifice and hard work among the community of African American parents, especially among black mothers. Today, there is a prevailing image or stereotype of the black mother as a figure of strength, severity and independence.  […]



Kimberly & DL Hughley breakdown the art of the side hustle on CNN

Embedded video from CNN Video

Today I Cried for Lost Black Boys: Sadness for Michael

Today I cried watching the Michael Jackson memorial. I cried for a little black boy who felt the world didn’t understand him. I cried for a little black boy who spent his adulthood chasing his childhood. And I thought about all the young black boys out there who may too feel that the world doesn’t […]