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Will Smith’s Ex Launches New Body Butter, Talks About Starting Over




















"If you are married to a mega-star, you can get lost in the shuffle of who this person is. I needed to find out who I was." Will Smith’s Ex-Wife, Sheree Fletcher, talks candidly about life after Will, her new life and finding the right formula in business and life.  



Good News for Black Moms: Will Smith’s Ex- Wife Launches Whoop Ash! Body Butter For Dry Skin  


Sheree Fletcher, Will Smith’s ex-wife, knows a little something about redefining yourself and finding just the right formula. In life and in business.  After a high profile divorce, and parenting a son who’s now 16 years old,  Sheree found her own groove in entrepreneurship and a new skin care line with a must-use debut product—Whoop Ash! body butter.


 You gotta love the fun name! Got dry skin Black people? Sheree’s  oh so sumptuous Whoop Ash cream is 99.9% all natural made with white honey, mango and shea butters, as well as grape seed and coconut oils.  



As the ex-wife of a Hollywood juggernaut, Fletcher, who recently married former NFL player Terrell Fletcher (check out pics of her fab wedding on www.Essence.com), knows about the high profile life. 

“If you are married to a megastar, you can get lost in the shuffle of who this person is. I needed to know who I was. Getting my spirituality in check was a great way to start. That’s what I needed for me to give my son what he needed. I became a better parent, a better mother.”


Kimberly: Any advice for other women who may be divorcing or coming out of a serious relationship?


Sheree: “Take a beat and process. Reassess. Try to get some understanding, especially coming out of a divorce. For me, I needed to have a relationship with my creator. Don’t be so quick to move. So many times we get out of a relationship and we fill that void to not feel the pain. Take some time for you. Everybody will be better for it.“


Sheree used her “time” to follow a passion. After reading The Secret Life of Bees, she became very interested in honey, especially white honey and began to research recipes. But most of the recipes were spa recipes and not for food as she was originally expecting.

Either way, she made some bulk orders, got out a pot and started cooking.  “I just gave it away to friends and family, especially my discriminating friends who really know their stuff. But God really expanded my vision and kept stretching me,” Sheree says.


 Even though it took about 4 ½ years to be ready, the time was well spent perfecting the recipe, working with a chemist and finding right balance and texture, Sheree says. 

Whoop Ash is a family product—safe enough for babies, perfect for busy moms who don’t have to reapply lotion, and only lightly fragranced so men can use it.


In the end, Whoop Ash launched with perfect and personally fulfilling timing—exactly one year after the passing of Sheree’s mom. “My mom was healthy, alive and vibrant—up until a month before she passed. She went into the hospital for backaches and literally a month and two days later she was gone. She had pancreatic cancer.”

 Sheree has the passion for her product and one mission for her Sheree Elizabeth LLC company—“to give the customer a wonderful, wonderful product. A product with a lot of integrity, that’s affordable and in a way that’s fun.  We want the customer to smile.” Sounds like a worthwhile mission for a passionate entrepreneur with a great product. Go Sheree!!

Whoop your ash for $19.95, sold exclusively at www.whoopash.com  


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