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Dreaming of a Family Vacation? 8 Money-Saving Tips for Your Getaway


Calling all families with a tight budget for summer vacation! Check out our 8 money-saving tips for taking a great vacation without the painful spending hangover afterwards.



8 Money-Saving Tips for Your Summer Vacation  

by Ann Friedman


Pretty much everyone is on a tighter budget this summer. Try these simple ideas for saving money while on vacation, instead of having a painful “spending hangover” afterwards, which takes all the fun out of going away. We asked Julie Casserly, a certified financial planner with Chicago Healers (www.chicagohealers.com) to give us her 8 best budget-friendly vacation tips. And remember, less is the new more.vacation.gif



1. Last Minute Deals – “We live in a world where there are so many things to do and many, many options.  Many of the travel websites will have last minute trips at a deep discount, particularly today with this economic environment.  Decide, OK, we have $2000 to spend on vacation and then search online for an all inclusive trip for the long weekend that falls into that number.  The exciting part is that you are leaving yourself open to trying a new adventure or a new place.”


2. Look At The End, First – Best-selling author and management guru Steven Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind”. I couldn’t agree more. Decide what are your priorities for your vacation, what amount your will choose to spend, then build your plan out from there.”


3. Choose the Day – “Choose to travel on cheaper air fare days, say Tuesday – Saturday.”


4. Name Your Price – “Rent your car, hotel, or your airfare through www.priceline.com where you can name your own price. I have tried a 30% lower price than the market price and most times I am successful.”


5. Pack the Snacks – “If you’re taking a road trip, pack a cooler!!!  No need to spend extra money on those high cost, high calorie snacks.”


6. One Stop Shopping – “Buy in bulk; get airfare, hotel, and car from one vendor.”


7. Locals Know Best – “Talk to the locals once you get somewhere, go to the restaurants where the locals eat, they’re not tourist traps with higher costs, and many times better.”


8. Set the Plan and Open an Account – “If you don’t have a vacation planned, set those financial intentions by opening up a separate savings account that is ONLY to be used for your vacations. If you’ve decided you want to spend $3000 per year on a vacation, and then make sure you put $125 per check (if paid twice per month) into that savings account straight from your paycheck.  I’ve met so many people who want to go on vacation, but they don’t because they don’t plan on it….this is a really easy thing to do to go have some fun in life!”

 These tips are from Julie Casserly, a certified financial planner with Chicago Healers, (www.chicagohealers.com), an integrative health care network, that takes a holistic approach to health by teaching and advocating natural and empowered health and life choices.   


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