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Feel the Love: Black Women Talk About the Mocha Manual.


We know how we do. We expect the best and demand the best. So when black women give Mocha Manual props, we know we’ve done well. Check out our testimonials. 

I just wanted to tell you thank you for making the "Mocha Manual" brand.

About a year ago I was at a Walden Bookstore and saw your pregnancy book on clearance. I was not pregnant or had a friend that was. Hell, I never wanted be pregnant I have always wanted to adopt. I grab your book to add to my collection anyway. Fast forward a few months later I was on twitter and Karrine Steffans mentions momlogic.com Now keep in mind that I have no kids. She stated that the website would be great anyway. So I went to the website and immediately fell in love with it. I had been reading momlogic for a few months and I came across your post called Memo to the World: Black Mothers Matter Too!. I love that article because finally the elephant in the room was being address. After I finished reading the article I realized that it was from the author of the mocha manual pregnancy book. I was so happy that you were voicing your opinion. I scrolled down further and noticed that you had written another book geared towards your African American sisters. Turning your passions in to profit was just the book I needed because I always wanted to start my own business. The bonus part was that  it was designed with me in  mind. I appreciate you writing the book. I went to Barnes and Noble today and purchased it. The book has been amazing so far. I have always wanted to start my own business and you have given me the push to do so. I wish nothing but happiness for you, your family, and the "Mocha Manual" Brand. Thanks!

I have since decided that in addition to adopting kids that I would love to have a few of my own. Guess when that times comes I will be using your manual 🙂

—LaDonna Henry, Phoenix, AZ

I’m a first time soon-to-be mom and I love this website…just everything!
Hi Kimberly,
I saw your article on Momlogic about the "Strong Black Woman" syndrome and I totally agree with your viewpoint. I am so glad that you took the time to explain to people the complexities of the black female and male experience and the challenges we face in maintaining a healthy familial structure. Thank you once again and keep on bringing the light! You’re a blessing!
–Eric Odera

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