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Meet the Mocha Manual Phenomenal Mom Contest Winner–Taina McField-Murphy



Meet the Mocha Manual Phenomenal Mom, Taina McField-Murphy  “I am honored to be the recipient of the Phenomenal Mom Contest.  Even more, I am humbled by my sister Semonna’s nomination. The Mocha Manual was a blessing to read as a first time mother.  As I searched through endless book store shelves for the perfect read to help me prepare for my son, Aden, the Mocha Manual spoke to me.  As a woman living with Lupus it was the only book that specifically spoke to concerns of women of color and addressed health issues prevalent in our community.  Thank you for shining light on our voice and the beauty reflected in our gift of bringing life into the world.”  With gratitude, Taina S. McField-Murphy    Nominated by Semonna McNeilTaina, has only been a mom for five days, but she has mothered me since our first meeting twenty years ago. As half sisters, Taina and I didn’t grow up in the same home.. In fact, for most of our lives we’ve lived 400+ miles apart. Nevertheless, Taina established a relationship with me and became my role model. Whenever I went through a tough time, she would magically tune into my needs, call, and give impartial advice. Taina deserves to be crowned, Phenomenal Mom 2009, because she has had years of practice taking care of, supporting and inspiring others.  


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