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Harlem On My Mind: A Young Black Boy’s Blues; A Black Mother Laments

The other day I was up in Harlem after a great book event at Hue-Man bookstore, taking in the vibes, the street and the scene that is quintessential Harlem U.S.A. As I walking up Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, I heard and saw a young boy, about 10 years old, being scolded by his father. Like […]

Start Your Side Hustle! An Essence 2009 Smart Money Move

Kimberly Seals Allers and The Mocha Manual to Turning Your Passion into Profit are featured in April’s Essence magazine as a Smart Money Move for 2009. Click here to buy the book  now and start your money-earning side hustle today! Want some featured Passion into Profit tips? Click here. 

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Healthy Eating Tips

March is National Nutrition Month. Healthy Eating Isn’t Easy. Try These Simple Ideas to Get Your Family On Track.    We move so fast, our meals need to quick and easy! Sometimes that means we sacrifice nutrition for convenience. You can have the best of both worlds! Try these easy ideas to add more nutrition […]

Healthy Nutrition Tips

Eating healthy is always a challenge. Who’s got the time? March is National Nutrition Month and what better time to start some new healthy eating habits.      

Dog-gone It, My Kids are Responsible!; When a Mom Hopes for Failure

I’ve got to admit. I’m not a dog person.This week my brother asked me to dog-sit his cute dog while he went on a “business” trip. (He dropped the dog and food off Sunday and we haven’t heard from him since.) Of course, my kids saw this as a great opportunity to test the “pet” […]

When A Man “Sweats” A Woman. Why I Love Eric Payne

Recently, my girlfriend and I were lamenting the good ole days when a man wanted you and wasn’t afraid to show it. Before the posturing, playing games, “The Rules” and everyone acting too cool to care, brothers would “sweat” a sister. And hard. Maybe we brought this new sad state of affairs on ourselves, with […]

Mommy Style

Liz Lange’s New Convertible Diaper Bag Collection Satisfies The Fashionista in Every Mom Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a bonafide handbag hoarder. I love bags and dream of building a cavernous handbag haven/walk-in closet in my dream house. Not even mommyhood curtailed my handbag fixation. In fact, I was sent into overdrive. […]

Faithful Over That Which Is Another Man’s

Before I was a husband I was a father.  But before I was a father of my own I became a surrogate to another’s by design, if not directly by choice. Within five minutes of first meeting my wife she told me that five years ago, she dropped out of college at nineteen to have […]

Childcare Dilemma? Consider a Nanny.

I’ve got a childcare dilemma and ever since Michelle Obama moved her mom into the White House to help out with Sasha and Malia, I’ve been suffering from Granny Nanny envy.