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Healthy Nutrition Tips

he_in_the_news_making_time_for_family_mealstn.jpgEating healthy is always a challenge. Who’s got the time? March is National Nutrition Month and what better time to start some new healthy eating habits.

Here’s how.
In today’s society, childhood obesity has become an epidemic, but can be prevented by watching what your children eat. This month is National Nutrition Month, which should serve as a reminder for you and your family to eat healthy.  Here are some nutrition tips to incorporate into everyday meals:
* Try whole-wheat pasta or brown rice instead of regular pasta and rice.
* Try whole-grain chips and cereals for snack time.
* Include chopped vegetables in every dish such as pasta, casseroles, sauces and meats.
* Keep a bowl of fruit on the table or near the refrigerator so you and your children can see them and won’t be as tempted to grab un-healthy foods.
* For dessert, try baked fruit such as apples or a fruit salad with fat-free whipped cream.
* Replace soda or sugary juices with milk at most meals.
* Try fruit smoothies as a healthy treat.
* If someone in your family is lactose intolerant, try lactose free milk, cheese and yogurt.
   Also, pay attention to the food pyramid and make sure you and your family are getting the recommended amounts of nutrients. Each day, have three servings of whole grains, two cups of vegetables and fruits, and three servings of dairy products such as milk, cheese or yogurt. 
By sticking to these few easy steps and following the food pyramid, you and your family will be healthy and happy. Having a healthy family will be one less thing you don’t have to worry about!
For more information about nutrition tips, visit the American Dietetic Association’s website at www.eatright.com .  

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