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Dog-gone It, My Kids are Responsible!; When a Mom Hopes for Failure

I’ve got to admit. I’m not a dog person.
This week my brother asked me to dog-sit his cute dog while he went on a “business” trip. (He dropped the dog and food off Sunday and we haven’t heard from him since.) Of course, my kids saw this as a great opportunity to test the “pet” waters. Like most kids, they’ve been asking for a dog and I’ve been telling them I don’t want another being to take care of. They aren’t ready for the responsibility, I say. Then I send them to my brother’s house to play with his dog.

All the plants in my house are near death, for crying out loud, so I’m just trying to keep the kids alive and kickin’. Pets beyond fish (been there, killed those) are not on the agenda. I was hoping my children would see the hard work of puppyhood and run speedily in the other direction. Instead, Kayla and Michael have gotten up early dutifully every morning to feed and walk RJ–putting coats over PJs, hats over headscarves to take care of this dog. And we’re still stuck in snow! They’ve gone out at night and refilled his water bowl twice a day. And besides for a few spills of the dog food, they’ve been model caretakers. Darn!

There’s nothing worse than a mommy proved wrong. Well, except maybe a mommy who was was hoping for her kids to screw up. Call me what you want, but now I need some new reasons for my no-pet policy.
Btw, “because I said so” is quickly rising to the top of the list.

Any suggestions?


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