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Childcare Dilemma? Consider a Nanny.


I’ve got a childcare dilemma and ever since Michelle Obama moved her mom into the White House to help out with Sasha and Malia, I’ve been suffering from Granny Nanny envy. 



When it comes to the mommy life, childcare is usually issue #1—especially for single moms like me. 
If you’re lucky enough to have your Mom in-house or nearby consider it a blessing. For those of us who aren’t so fortunate (my parents relocated to South Carolina a few years ago, despite my kicking and screaming!) what can we do? 
Consider a nanny. Sure, nannies used to be associated with the super rich but when you factor in the cost savings from all the extra work they can, they can really be a value proposition. Plus, in this economy nannies are more willing to negotiate their fee. 
I recently chatted with Candi Wingate, president of www.Nannies4Hire.com , an online nanny referral agency frequently featured on Dr. Phil, with relationships with SuperNanny and TLC/Discovery Channel. Nannies4Hire.com  is one of the largest and most successful companies in the nanny business.
Wingate shares some great tips and perspectives on considering a nanny: 
Fresh Tip #1: Nannies save you money. “Think about how many times you eat out because you have nothing started at home for dinner. A nanny could start the meal and have the children fed or ready to sit down to eat when you get home,” Wingate says. 
Fresh Tip #2: Healthier kids. " Some people may hire nannies because your child is getting way too sick in day care, you need to pull them out of day care and take care of them at home." 
Fresh Tip #3: Count the cost. Before you say a nanny isn’t in your price range consider the cost of light housekeeping help, somone to run errands and do light grocery shopping, clean your kids’ room and keep it organized (that’s worth a million), do their laundry (another million), schedule their  actvities and even pick up that last minute kiddie party present for you. Phew ! Plus free up more time for you. When I had a nanny there was nothing more beautiful than coming home after a late night to find my kids fed and ready for bed, kitchen cleaned and only worrying about which story to read for bedtime. Priceless.  

If you’ve got a childcare dilemma like me, or are overwhelmed and in need of even part-time helping hands, check out the great resources and membership benefits on nanniesforhire.com. Stay tuned for my 

new segment;Get Childcare Or Die Tryin’ as you follow my journey finding some desperately needed childcare help.  


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