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Faithful Over That Which Belongs To Another Man

Faithful Over That Which Is Another Man’s Before I was a husband I was a father.  But before I was a father of my own I became a surrogate to another’s by design, if not directly by choice.   


Fatherhood Without a Script. Who says first comes love, then comes marriage and then comes the baby carriage? Like many men today, I’m a man who did it all backwards. There are no more decisions for me to make about when is the right time to build a family.  Been there done that, blew my […]

How I Did It

Panel Discussion: Million dollar business owners and successful entrepreneurs share their secrets with you. Got questions? Getanswers from entrepreneurs who have done it!       

It Is Time for Tony Montana!

Putting Our Word and Sensitive Body Parts on The Line!!   One of the best one liners in a movie has to be by Tony Montana in Scarface he said "All a man has is his word and his balls and I ain’t breaking either.       

Dear Judge Smith…

Please Let Me See My Sons Three weeks ago, I traveled 3,430 miles, so that after months of waiting, I could sit two feet away from my ex-wife and try to convince a judge to let me see my two sons. The last time I saw my son, his words, "I don’t want to see […]

Attention Media: Black Children Are Missing Too!

How To Abduction-Proof Your Home   Since January these three precious brown children have gone missing. They haven’t  mega media attention as in the tragic case of Haleigh Cummings but they matter to us. More importantly every parent needs to know how to keep their home as safe as possible to prevent more missing children.       


Playing the Control Game? Our Kids Are the Biggest Losers  Black families break up for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it’s the man. Sometimes, it’s the woman. But most of the time, it’s both. Mothers and fathers play a destructive control game and our kids end up bearing the brunt of the damage. It’s time […]

Meet The BlogFathers of MochaManual.com

Our Delicious Dads Dish on All Things Fatherhood                                                                                                    […]

Broodiness and Breasts. Yes! There is a Connection.

I have a confession to make: I’m feeling broody. And it’s not your typical ‘holding a cute baby’ type of broodiness. This one is kind of well, weird. Hear me out. Last week, when I was privileged to attend the Kellogg Foundation’s Improving Birth Outcomes roundtable, a picture of a breastfeeding mom flashed on the […]

Recession Proof Your Finances

  Recession Proof Your Finances Let’s face it. Times are tough. Last month, the country lost over 500,000 jobs! Every day another big name company announces big number job cuts. How can you protect your family? Check out these seven smart moves to recession-proof your family finances