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Three Black Missing Kids: Where’s Nancy Grace & Geraldo?

Sometimes I really have a problem with the media. Even though, technically, I’ve spent the past sixteen plus years working in the media, being supported by the media and working every media perk I could get my little hands on–the truth is,there are plenty of areas where the media needs help.

One area is the coverage of missing kids who are Black. Somehow missing African American children are rarely deemed Nancy Grace worthy. Perhaps black children aren’t “cute” enough for broadcast television or maybe it’s that one less black child is not missed, not held in the same value. Either way, Geraldo doesn’t seem to show up in our neighborhoods with his probing questions and tell-all cameras.

Please have a look at three beautiful brown children who disappeared last month with little or no media attention. I’ve featured them this week on MochaManual.com along with a story on how to abduction proof your home.

Meet Adji Desir, an adorable 6 year old boy with bright eyes and a developmental disability that leaves him with a limited vocabulary and the mind of a 2-year old. He disappeared from the front yard of his grandmother’s home in Farm Worker Village in Immokalee, Florida on Jan 10th while playing outside with friends. (Please see our safety tip on only allowing children to play unattended in the backyard not front yard.) I can only imagine how petrified Adji must have been after he wandered off or was taken. And my heart goes out to his parents and family.

Adji Desir will reportedly be featured on America’s Most Wanted this weekend, Feb 28th on a segment on missing kids across the country.

After that, please check me out on CNN/D.L. Hughley Breaks the News, Sat at 10:00 p.m.

What can we do to keep our children safer and get the word out about our missing children? I need your ideas.

In motherhood,

3 Responses to “Three Black Missing Kids: Where’s Nancy Grace & Geraldo?”
  1. Ms. Bar B: says:

    You are so right. I only saw this little boy’s story on Nancy for a limited time, while she covered Kayley (not sure if I got the spelling correct) from the time she went missing until the time she was found, and I believe she is still covering that case in between covering the case of the newest little girl who is missing. We were left completely in the dark about what did or could have happened to this little boy.

    Right now, my mind wont let me formulate ideas, but when I have some, I’ll be back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I also am sick of hearing the same thing over and over about Caylee. I would like to hear something new and also some news about Adji. This is so sad. Please give us some information on him. Caylee is not the only child missing, nine months is long enough to give the show intirely about her. PLEASE

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree that there is not enough coverage, if any at all on CNN and Nancy Grace and I don’t understand when Black people get the Air Time why they don’t step up and show what they don’t see. BET should have a “nancy grace”, Oprah Winfrey could spend 5 minutes flashing the faces of missing black kids on her show everyday, there is a lot everyone can do. But today, 2009 there are alot of Black People with money and power who could put our missing babies, women and men faces on the air, so what is their excuse? I am not waiting on the major news stations, because I expect the black owned or black targeted networks to step up!

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