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Moms: Are You Looking to Start Your Own Business?

Check out these tips from entrepreneur superstar and mom of three.  



Who doesn’t want greater flexibility and a chance to earn more money? Liz Lange, the
woman who made maternity clothes fashionable, shares her tips for starting a great
business. Moms listens up! Plus you can get even more great ideas, branding tips,
low budget marketing ideas and practical step-by-step advice in The Mocha Manual
to Turning Your Passion into Profit. 



By Annie Friedman

Liz Lange, the maternity designing powerhouse has a few choice words of advice for moms looking to start their own business.  “Go for it, and shut up the naysayers,” Lange said when I met her recently. “The truth is no one thinks an idea is good until someone has done it first,” she added. 
And she should know. Before Liz Lange pioneered maternity chic, maternity clothing was frumpy and not fashionable. Pregnant women felt they had no options when it came to clothing and had to hide their bodies during pregnancy.  Lange felt that women should feel beautiful during their pregnancy and by creating her fashion lines, she has done just that.
But the road wasn’t easy—something every mompreneur should remember. Her path to success began at a small design firm in New York City where she first developed the idea to make pregnant women feel beautiful. 
“I was a big fish in a small pond,” said Liz Lange, fashion designer, mom of two and owner of Liz Lange Maternity. “Maternity was a niche, so it helped me stand out.” Focusing on a niche is also an important business strategy for any would-be business owner. 

Lange’s designs were stylish and elegant, making pregnancy a more exciting, and sexy time in women’s lives. Her clothes soon became the talk of the town and were featured in newspapers and magazines across the country. She had high end boutiques than reached out to women everywhere with her Target line (MochaManual.com founder, Kimberly Seals Allers was a rabid fan during both of her pregnancies!)  
Never one to limit her fashion sense or business scope, Liz Lange decided to accessorize. Last month, Lange released a handbag collection in New York City. The handbags come in all sorts of colors from orange to periwinkle and everything in between. Each bag is roomy and stylish. The bags range from $175-$500 and will be in stores within a month.

When Lange first started her business she handled all aspects including the design, sales, production, public relations, and shipping. Most momprenuers can expect to wear many hats as they start their business, so it’s very important to brush up on money management, time management, marketing and creating a written plan for how your company operates. These are just a few of the key skills featured in The Mocha Manual to Turning Your Passion into Profit (Amistad/HarperCollins). 

In 2001, she created Liz Lange for Nike, a maternity active wear line. The following year, she partnered with Target and created Liz Lange Maternity for Target which is currently the only maternity clothing line sold there. 
“The nicest parts of what I do are getting customer feedback,” Lange said. “It’s great to know my clothes make them feel beautiful.”

Liz Lange Maternity Style: How to look Fabulous during the Most Fashion-Challenged Time was published in 2002. The popular book became yet another way for Lange to help pregnant women feel beautiful. 

It’s clear through all of Lange’s efforts that she has created a new way for pregnant women to dress and feel during their pregnancy. She has become a leading maternity fashion designer both on high-end and more budget conscious levels. 

“My advice for people trying to start their own business is to go for it, and shut up the naysayers,” Lange said. “The truth is no one thinks an idea is good until someone has done it first.” 

For step-by-step tips on starting your own business and making it a success, buy The Mocha Manual to Turning Your Passion into Profit  (Amistad/HarperCollins). 

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