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6 Secrets to Profit

Three Black Missing Kids: Where’s Nancy Grace & Geraldo?

Sometimes I really have a problem with the media. Even though, technically, I’ve spent the past sixteen plus years working in the media, being supported by the media and working every media perk I could get my little hands on–the truth is,there are plenty of areas where the media needs help. One area is the […]

The “Get Your Plan B” Bootcamp March 14, 2009

  Do You Have A Plan B? In this economy of layoffs, increasing debt, higher bills and lower wages everybody needs a second source of income. It’s time to bail yourself out! Take charge of your financial future by attending this transformational experience. Learn how to turn your passion or idea into profit in less time and with […]

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Welcome to the Plan B Viewing Room 2

The Plan B Training Series 14 March 2009

  Hello and welcome to your Plan B Business Boot Camp! Only those registered for the course will beallowed to view the training session. To log in, simply enter your registration details that you would have received by email in the log in form to the right of this screen.AFTER you have logged in please click […]

Welcome to the Plan B Viewing Room

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What about Black missing children?

  How to keep our kids safe from abduction. Adji Desir disappeared from Immokalee Jan 10 Recently, the abduction of Haleigh Cummings shocked the public and set off a daily media blitz. This sad news and, parents’ worse nightmare, was even more shocking because Haleigh was abducted from her own home. Of course, every year black children are also abducted […]

Me? A Control Freak–A “Wasband” Confession

First, I’d like to start off by giving a shout-out to all the Fathers with visitation or joint custody who drop off and pick up their kids on time! Single moms need their break! Now about me. Since joining the divorce rolls and the world of the “werewifes” and “wasbands,” I’ve been learning a lot […]

Are You a Family Man?

Check out Eric Payne’s Fatherhood Essentials With all the nuances that come with being in a 24-7 committed relationship and the pressure that comes with raising kids, many marriages unravel within the first three years.  There’s no real science to it. All you can do is the best you can do. But you do have […]