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Kimora Lee Simmons, the supermodel turned super mogul and super mom has never been known to bite her tongue. The glamorous Baby Phat CEO and star of her own reality show, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane which airs on E!,( http://www.eonline.com/on/shows/kimora/index.jsp )
 was featured in The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy, and spoke candidly about the struggles of fabulosity and pregnancy.

Here’s what she had to say:  
"Who would want to have sex with a beast like me?" screamed Kimora Lee Simmons around the eighth month of her second pregnancy. Even former supermodels have a bad dl!). The creative director of Baby Phat and wife of hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons, Kimora is known as the Queen of Conspicuous Consumption with her extra long platinum Bentley and diamond flecked watches. But even she couldn’t buy her way out of morning sickness or stretch marks. Kimora talks candidly about those pregnancy maladies, accepting her new body, being a pregnant diva, and the therapeutic benefits of a good cry.
When I became pregnant, I was so excited. I was newly married and wanted everything to be perfect. My goal was to cut out all the bull-and create a special, peaceful, stress-free space for my baby and me. Of course, this is easier said than done. For some reason, people always bring their drama to me. To cope, I flipped the diva switch, by screaming, "Oh my baby, you’re stressing out my baby!" People respond to the baby’s needs more than mine.
A lot of my pregnancy expectations were blown to bits. I dreamed of being healthy, vibrant, beautiful, and glowing all the time; instead I was extremely ill with morning sickness for the first three months. Even water made me sick. I ended up in the hospital because I was dehydrated. Because I am just a person of excess, I never tried a traditional suggestion like eat a small meal or eat crackers. First of all, I don’t do crackers. I am not a parrot. And when I felt I could eat, I ate a big steak with all the fixin’s. And then I got the paper bag for my head. Also, crazy things were going on with my body-a funny hair grew out of my boob, I was extremely clumsy, and I was often constipated. I even got stretch marks on my thighs. And, honey, don’t waste your money on laser removal-it does not work. It just burns like hell and those suckers are still there.
At work I was under a lot of pressure to meet numbers. At times I felt like I couldn’t go on. I was so stressed and overwhelmed I would just break down and cry. And cry some more. This was odd  because I’ve always been a tough girl and not really a crier. But now I’m convinced there are definite medical and psychological benefits to crying. It was like a load was lifted and I could go on one more day.

When I was out in public, I exuded confidence and self-esteem. I would say, I’m beautiful and that giving life is so beautiful, and that is all very true. But I was also as big as three of me-prepregnancy. In my last trimester, I stopped doing any public events. I hated to see myself photographed. My expanding body was such a dramatic change for me. I’ve been modeling since age thirteen and have always been thin, a size zero. Being in the modeling industry, there’s a way of thinking and competitiveness about being thin that’s ingrained in you and I wasn’t immune to that. So that was a really big deal for me. I’m still struggling with my new body size and I’ve learned to accept that I may never be the old Kimora again.
My style has always been sexy, feminine, fresh, and classy. So when I was pregnant, I was not running around in Russell’s sweatshirts. I was still me. I had great boobs and I fell in love with the~. They were big as hell, and soft and hot in a way no boob job could ever give you, honey. My wardrobe basically accentuated my boobs and showed off my tummy. And I had to have my four-inch stilettos-girls, I just couldn’t let those go.
There are two types of maternity girls-you’re either an under the belly girl or a way over the belly girl. I was definitely, a strictly under the belly girl. Don’t ever try to be an in the middle girl. It rarely looks right, and you’re probably knocking your poor baby in the head with some elastic band. My goal was to be cute and comfortable-except for the shoes, of course. I wore a lot of slip dresses and anything stretchy and elastic from legging to tank tops. Most of what I wore was custom-made by Baby Phat, and I would make some of my own stuff. I never really crossed over into legitimate maternity clothes; I would just buy larger sizes of, say, comfortable velour, and roll that waistband down under my belly.  My best pregnancy advice is to work it, girl! Stick with what you know and a style that you usually wear. Honey, pregnancy is not time to tread into unchartered territory.


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