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The Most Innocent Victims of the Detroit Scandal: Beatty’s Two Young Girls

What makes a mother forget she’s a mother?

I couldn’t help but watch the images Christine Beatty, the former aide of
disgraced mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, as she was quietly ushered from the courtroom to the
county jail earlier this week to serve her 120 day stint for lying about her affair.

I feel mostly for her two young daughters, aged 8 and 10, who will be without their mother for several months. Beatty divorced in 2006. The last thing we need is another black woman, particularly a mother, in jail.


As a mother, and now a single mother, who values everyday with my little ones, I can’t imagine what forces would compel me to do something so dangerous that it would put my children in jeopardy of losing me for any extended period. Maybe we’ll never know what overtook Christine’s good judgment to go along with a stupid plan to deceive. We’ve all done something silly in the name of love, lust or an unhealthy attraction to power, but we moms can’t completely lose all the good sense God gave us.


One thing that has become abundantly clear to me as I’ve been going through my divorce, is that as the custodial parent of my two children, the stakes just got so much higher. Even with a liberal visitation agreement like my "wasband" enjoys, at the end of the day, the buck really stops with me.


My health is all the more important. My mental well-being is all the more important. My being "present" every day is all the more important. My level-headedness, even in the face of a storm, is critically important. Single mothers don’t have the luxury of the type of bad decisions that could make you lose your children, your financial future and your freedom.


And while the Kilpatrick political scandal was so grand with sadness and irony and unbounded possibilities snuffed before their time, it is the two young girls who woke up feeling mother-less this morning and yet again tomorrow morning, that I feel so deeply for.


Tell me your thoughts.


In motherhood,


3 Responses to “The Most Innocent Victims of the Detroit Scandal: Beatty’s Two Young Girls”
  1. Ms. Bar B: says:

    Wow, that is sad. Hopefully the girls will be in good hands while mom is doing her time… and hopefully this time will be a learning experience for her.

  2. Picki Edd says:

    i think this a sad case of letting caught out there. She probably was thinking about the kids. i.e keeping her job, keeping in Kwame’s good books So when he said told her not to blow him up, she probably had no clue it would get this bad. No idea the prosecutors would have spent MILLIONS on the case. i feel for her, he’s a dick.

  3. Enjoyceinglife says:

    your right on with this post…I saw your shout out by Denene on My Brown Baby…props and love to you always. jd

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