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Breastfeed With Style

 With Our Exclusive Giveaway from Bravado Designs!         We’ve got a fresh, new column on breastfeeding and to celebrate we’re giving away sexy, stylish nursing bras and tanks from Bravado Designs!                                 

Remembering My Cousin Carol’s Daughter at the Kellogg Foundation Roundtable in Detroit

I’m in a Detroit hotel room. Besides for enjoying a rare night of uninterrupted sleep without the kiddies, I was invited here by the Kellogg Foundation to participate in a national roundtable discussion on improving birth outcomes. There are many national experts here and I am honored to be representing Mocha Manual moms and our […]

Take Back our Babies

Take a stand. Raise Your Voice. Our Children Matter. New Study Shows Black Babies Die 3X More Often from Unsafe Sleeping; Our Black Boys Most at Risk

What Does The Inauguration Mean To You?


Daily News, Deadlines, and D.C.–No dress yet for the ball but here I come…

It’s been a roller coaster week. With just 4 days and counting to the release of my next book, The Mocha Manual to Turning Your Passion into Profit, let’s just say things have been a bit hectic. Today there was a great profile on me, Mocha Manual, and the new book, (check it out here) […]

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 Learn about HPV and how a simple PAP Smear test can save your life.