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Yesterday, at the tender age of 4 years and 9 months, my son lost his first tooth. It had been wobbly for weeks but I was in serious denial that this would happen so soon. I mean, losing teeth!! And it was how it happened too. He was on the sofa watching me cook dinner in the kitchen. Then he just walked up to me, with that cool as a fan, Barack-ness and handed me a tooth. Bloody mouth and all. I did my bad impersonation of not being shook and scrambled for cups, rinsing agents and gauze. When all was clean, he showed big Sis the hole and went back to chillin’. I, on the other hand, am still reeling. And, reflecting. Parenting is the joy of witnessing milestones. My lil man is closer to being just that…I’m just going to let that marinade for a minute.

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